Nothing’s happening

I have successfully ignored this blog for several days, thinking that something would happen….I mean, something usually happens that makes it worthwhile to write several paragraphs…….but unfortunately that hasn’t occurred.  So I figured I could just babble for a bit and maybe something would occur to me to write.

It doesn’t seem to be working though…..sigh

It’s almost Easter.  I used to love this holiday when I was a kid…..Easter egg hunts, family picnic in the park, Church on Sunday with a huge get-together afterwards….egg salad sandwiches, potato chips, fizzy fruit drinks…….it was kid Heaven.  Then sometime in the 70’s it became almost declasse for anyone to get together.  It seemed to become a tremendously SERIOUS holiday…so serious that we couldn’t celebrate it as a city anymore.

We just had an Easter egg hunt and community party down in the park in my town and afterwards there was a big hoopdedoo about political correctness and why the city had screwed up having it.  sheesh.  Why can’t we do stuff for the kids anymore?  Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder why it’s ok to have city-wide Non-Christian (Halloween pops into my mind here) celebrations, but the minute there’s something important to Christianity (like Easter or Christmas) we’re not allowed to celebrate? When did we become so ridiculous anyway?

Was it because of  Madeline Murray O’Hare and her convoluted ideas about Atheism?  The ACLU (as my daddy always used to blame them for everything)?  Or was it the Devil?  (those TV evangelists all seem to think it’s cause of the devil)  All I know is that it has gone too far when a five year old can’t go hunt Easter eggs in the park.

What ever happened to respecting people’s ideas and beliefs?  Ya know, it seems the rules have all changed when I wasn’t looking.  It’s perfectly OK for a city to celebrate Kwanza…….but not Christmas…….where is the logic there? Kids can have clubs that celebrate their differences…there’s an African-American club at the high school… is sanctioned by the school board….there’s a gay/lesbian club….also sanctioned…….but the Christian youth group that met at the school had to find somewhere else to meet.  Don’t get me wrong.I think it’s great that these kids have a club in a safe area….but why can’t the other kids have similar groups….  there’s no “white kids” group……no Christian group………….no “straight” kids group……..

I would like to see a school sanctioned club that let’s everyone join….straights, gays, blacks, whites, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, etc and celebrates their oneness………..and allows them to learn about the differences without discounting or vilifying their differences….I’d like to see a city that can celebrate all religious holidays….whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever.  That’s what the founding fathers had in mind after all when they put that little clause into the Constitution……….

I just wonder if it will ever happen? You’d think after 200+ years we’d have figured it out by now.

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  1. Apparently we have strayed from the path of reason to be too pc as a society. It is going to bite us in the rear end soon enough.


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