Isn’t exactly what we had planned

So, I decided to get some extra sleep last night in order to be well rested for a trip across Texas to pick up a dog………….off to bed at 10PM and was just starting to drift off into the netherworld of sleep when a huge BOOM sounded outside…….so of course I had to investigate……….I wandered around outside and noticed it was starting to rain really hard and lightning was flashing all around me……and idiot-child that I sometimes am, I thought it was a good idea to go out back and check the yard…………

I barely got into the back when lightning flashed REALLY REALLY close and struck a tree (about 15 feet in front of me)……………so of course I screamed like a sissy and flung myself backwards into the side of the house, all the while watching this rabid tree coming down across the electrical wire…………..

the wire (in self-defense I think) broke in half and both sides of it were snaking around about ten feet above my head, throwing off red sparks and starting little fires all over the back yard………..I (by this time am hyperventilating and screeching) rush into the house and grab the phone to dial 911……I got the phone connected with the right people and blurted out “this is Susan Hartline at 635” when the phone went dead………back to the back yard and noticed the errant tree limb had made a 90 degree turn and wiped out the cable lines too……….so back through the house to the front and outside into the pouring rain (yes I was once again clad only in my nighty) and flagged down a horrified young man…..I think he was stunned by my animal magnetism because I had to ask four times if he had a cell phone…….

He called 911 and gave them all the info.line down, live wires, fire and nighty in the street…….10 minutes later I had three fire trucks in the front yard and half the neighborhood watching………they wandered off to the back and said (I swear to god they said this) “seems to be a broken wire there.don’t touch it”  (Picture Suze totally frantic that the house will burn down, wet all over, hyperventilating and now rolling her eyes at possible saviors)… I screeched “save my danged house”…….the fire chief said “relax Suze, it won’t burn”…….

Now I am considering pithy letters to the editor about irresponsible firemen when he says “I called the electric company. Go inside and try to get some sleep”………..sleep? seriously?  I waited until PEC showed up (20 minutes later) and they got busy discussing how to fix the assorted electrical spitting stuff.then it took them till 3 am to actually complete the work. The work itself took only twenty minutes, the discussion at the top of their lungs was what took three and a half hours..sigh

 So I was finally able to relax by four AM and fell asleep at least one minute before the alarm went off at 6:30AM………………………..sigh…….okay, lack of sleep never once sopped me from my appointed rounds……

Picked up Ang by 7 and we were on our way… normally on a road trip George sleeps and I get lost a lot.Ang is a wonderful navigator and we had a rather nice trip.  Of course we completely behaved ourselves and got into ZERO trouble………. pictures follow

We took the scenic route to Wichita Falls and saw some rather nice buildings, one of which so amazed us we drove in circles around it then backtracked and drove in circles in the opposite direction………….other drivers simply had to move as Ang was trying to get the best angle for this picture!

Neither one of us could figure out just what this used to we figured we’d post it and ask if anyone n Mineral Wells has any clue. I think it was either an old courthouse and jail or a spa hotel.  ang thought it was a railroad station with hotel above it. So of course we drove around it at least three times until we stopped arguing about whatever it maybe used to be!

Finally got back on the road and passed an Herb farm owned by our dear friends Dixie and Ken (and ticked us off cause they live a day trip away instead of across country, the fibbers!)

Of course on the way we failed to get a picture of Ken’s farm so we made a note of where it was and would be sure and get one on the way home again.       sure we would.   then it was onwards to wherever the heck we went……oh yea……..Wichita falls! yea.   We switched drivers again and were merrily on our way when we noticed a circus tent on the side of the road…turns out it was a church!   Only in Texas!

 Good Lord…….we finally arrived at the home where we were to pick up the puppy, filled out forms and got the sweet baby doggie…stopped off at a petco and bought a leash and some other absolute necessities and off went went back home………….Took us forever it seemed.and we were constantly on the lookout for Ken’s farm.  We started looking for it at mile marker 428 and finally came across it again at 469……so we searched for forty miles for this danged place to take a picture……only to take one and have it disappear from the camera! not on the chip anywhere! argggggggggggggggggg

anyway, we made it back home in one piece…..and this adorable doggie met George………………….and I need to find a dog for ME cause it was love at first sight for these two.

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  1. ROFLMAO!!! Perfect, now all we need to do is to tell everyone about cowhouse creek and the other fun stuff we ran across!!!


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