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The past week has been an exercise in frustration and sometimes futility………the friends of the library took action to “prevent” the closing of the library…by closing the library and taking all their property out before the new city council could be sworn in and come after them………………now this is all quite odd to me. I adore these ladies, have worked with them for years, admire the heck out of the president of the group for her dedication and ability to get others to volunteer….but I don’t understand how they think this is a good idea.

The people that were elected are not necessarily my idea of decent politicos (I refused to vote for any of them) but each of them swore in public that they had no intention of closing the place…..but the rampant paranoia of certain members of the community and the very real fears of a few that have been vilified and slandered, some actually libeled by the opposition, were convinced that it didn’t matter what these council people said, that the minute they get into office all the hard work we’ve done on the public library would be closed down and all equipment disbursed

Now, I admit that one of these new guys has a deep and abiding hatred of the president of the FOL…………..and has been gunning for her since he moved into town.  The problem is I also see what a sleazeball he is and that his reputation is the most important thing in the world to him, with control over the town being the number two thing in his little world.

 His reputation would take a gigantic hit should he attempt to close down any public facility.  oh, he can drive them nuts and even find a way to blame them .(like “I only asked the FOL for this or that” and “they won’t give what we need”) but close them down completely? won’t happen..well, now it won’t anyway because they have done it for him.

And I can only think “dumb move”.  Who is going to be hurt if the library isn’t open?  well, the little guys in town, that’s who.  the old ladies and men that play bingo once a week…the seniors that get food supplements once a month from the food bank…the kids wanting to check out books or videos……….the new church that just started a few months ago and meets there…..all these things will go by the wayside if FOL has no people working until they have a contract………..the city certainly doesn’t have the money to hire people to staff it….and won’t for several years (if then)……FOL seems to think that the new mayor will put his wife into the library as the new librarian……I don’t think so. The public outcry would be enough to start a recall election.

So, now it’s a waiting game to see what happens next….but I personally think that the friends group has significantly harmed themselves and the citizens of the town by a precipitous and not well-thought-out plan to retain control. I don’t blame them at all….I just think it was dumb.

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  1. Unfortunately in a Class A General Law Code system there is no recall. And, nobody everythought he would want his wife as the librarian. And, we did what we did to protect ourselves and the time and money that was invested. You see you forget he didn't really want us there at all. And, is spending city money to replace he stuff that was in there as we speak (money the city didn't have). He never wanted us to stay unless we stayed under his terms. Life goes on no matter what happens in the interim. I know my life has gone on.


  2. at the FOL meeting it was stated by a member that they thought he wanted his wife to run the place…..so someone did think that….and I know there's no recall for a gen law type A… doesn't mean people won't scream for one to occur. I KNOW he doesn't want the FOL there. I KNOW him. But the council will soon be faced with making a decision for the good of the people (we can only hope) about the library and the ONLY viable plan is to have FOL run the place. He's asked several people for funds to replace the tables and chairs and so far isn't spending any city money. I know this as I know one of the donors and have seen his donor list. Let's pray that he does the right thing. In the meantime, I am glad "life is going on".


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