Scouting the possibilities…..or what I did on summer vacation!

Today started at 5 am….now my normal day would never start at such a disgustingly ungodly hour, but since I had to drive all the way to Enid OK I figured I’d better start real early…….it would have been better if I had actually gotten more than three hours sleep too, but since I have no control over the next door twit who was using a compressor until 1 am I really didn’t have much say in the matter…..where was I? oh, yea.the day started! LOL

Anyway, got a shower, actually dressed and put on SOCKS! I hate socks, but it was going to be a long day and I figured stinky feet should NOT be a part of it…anyway, dressed, clean and found the coffee pot……poured a bazillion cups.   ok, it was three cups….into a thermos and found my lunch I’d packed the night before..threw everything into the car and immediately had to figure out how to get dasher out of the car…seems the little brat followed me outside when I was wrestling a suitcase, a computer case, a thermos and my travel purse, plus a pillow and the car keys……………….where was I?

 Oh yea..dasher!  Anyway, my sweet puppy had decided to sit in the front seat and since that’s where I sit he had to he did after much whining (on my part) and a bunch of pleases (again me) he moved.into the passenger side of the car.  Okay, that wasn’t going to work as George said I couldn’t take Dasher with me….think he’s afraid I won’t come back home! loll  finally George came outside and got the baby and carried him back inside.I kissed the hubster and started up the car……….

Took me a minute to find the defrost (it  was all foggy) but finally did and was on my way…the first 100 miles were no big deal…at least I don’t think they were as I really can’t remember the first 100 miles…anyway about mile 150 I was starting to fall asleep……so I pulled over on the road next to some giant spurs and got out of the car to walk around and pour some of that bazillion cups of coffee…………….after a cup and two cycles around the car I was awake I took a picture of the spurs( no one would believe it otherwise) and started back down the road.

After four hours I was hungry but I was also close to Oklahoma and didn’t want to stop while still in Texas!  So another hour, and another 65 miles and I was across the state for somewhere to stop.  doesn’t OK have welcome centers?  Texas does all over the freaking place…ya know those weird buildings with rude old ladies that give you maps and charge you a dollar to pee?  yea, those places.  anyway finally found one a good 15 miles down the road from where the OK line was……..dang……….and there was a MickeyD’s too!……..I decided to be good and actually eat the sandwich I had made instead of wasting money on a hamburger….but I did waste 20 bucks buying George a tee shirt!…………….

I got back on the road again and a bunch of storm chaser cars and trucks passed me at a hundred baZillion miles an hour all going in the opposite direction!

 I sorta wanted to follow them but then I really didn’t want to have to explain to Ang (and George) that the car is crumpled because I wanted to go chase tornadoes………………… I managed to restrain myself and continued on my way…………………………………….and ran into a gully washer of a minute everything’s ok, the next I see NOTHING and the car is being washed (it feels sideways) down the road!  arggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! windshield wipers at full blast and me driving 20 miles per hour in a 75 per hour zone! tickets here I come!

 (otherwise this would be ang writing and not nearly so well as she doesn’t know what I did this morning)  So I finally manage to get out of the rain (it either stopped or I managed to drive out of it and I drove over a big hill and saw a bunch of giant windmills in the distance… since I like windmills I thought it would be nice to get a picture of them…..I sorta wish I had thought to stop the car to get one but this is me and I don’t always do the smart I grabbed the camera out of my purse, wrestled with it to get it out of it’s case and turned on and tried to get a picture….all while driving at a speed of 65 MPH!

got the picture somehow without driving off the road……..managed to
get to the next town (town? maybe 2 buildings a PO and a gas station),
filled up the tank and started back out again………this trip is
turning into a forever on the road sort of thing.  Noticed some huge
grey clouds and wondered briefly if there would be a tornado and if the
chasers and I would once again meet up somewhere.  anyway, after a half
hour I somehow managed to find Enid…what a COOL TOWN! lots of
construction going on all over downtown, tons of hospitals and nursing
homes and health care centers for George to choose from…………..and
FLEA markets!  whohoooooooooo, saw three on the way into town and two
inside the city! how cool is that?  took all of five minutes to find
Angela’s house and here I am!

got my crap (suitcase, etc) into the house, hugs all around then just sat and caught up for a while.  then I said I want to move NOW! so Ang, Garry and I started to go look for houses………..we roamed all over town, well really just the east and west side.north is later…..and found a dozen I would be thrilled to get my hands on………

So last night Bertha and Raymond came over/…..these are friends of Garry and Ang that they have known for a hundred years…..and they are a HOOT!  Bertha is just like you’d imagine a Bertha to be…sorta out there, rude crude socially unacceptable and I absolutely adored her! Raymond is a good old boy and is quiet and sweet..until he gets around Angie then it’s like they are an old married couple…lots of fussing and cussin……………..cute!

anyway, we were all starving after hanging out on the front porch and laughing at all kinds of people walking by, so off to Braums……..which is a hamburger and ice cream place……and we all got cheeseburgers there…….OMG…they were huge….and terrific! Love this place..back home for more BS on the porch and off to bed………………….

woke up to he scent of coffee! ahhh, someone adores me! Garry made breakfast and we were off to scout the town..I had a list of a dozen places to see (hoping these little houses would work out) …went to wally world and No Dixie, Angie and I were not kicked out! we behaved! (yes we did too!), then off to the grocery cause I eat too much……the weirdest thing happened at the grocery!  the bagger grabbed the cart full of bags and I was thinking “how nice. he’s going to carry stuff for us”:…….instead he went out the back of the store with the cart………..hey WAIT a durned second!  Ang said watch this and dragged me back to the van……she pulled into a curved space at the side of the store and the kid with the cart PUT THEM INTO THE VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

…….next we went to a neat place that is half a lowes sort of place and half farm equipment……I fell in love with the store!  Took a tour of the town in the afternoon……….and found a bunch of houses i want……..I’d really rather have Ang’s house but she refuses to give it up even if I buy her another one! she’s so mean!

anyway, I took a ton of pictures of cool stuff so George can see what a great town this is….and I’m thinking I need to figure a way to just move BEFORE we sell the house……maybe it’ll sell faster!  Spoke to my sweet George who said “dont come home tomorrow it’s supposed to storm”……..awwwwwwwwwwwwww, that’s so sweet I said……….and he says “I just don’t want you to wreck the car! argggggggggggggggggg

Okay, so the stuff we did today was actually quite normal and I really don’t have anything to talk about….so it’s off for the night until tomorrow!

Ok, so tomorrow actually passed and it’s the next day…..well really it’s today but it should have been yesterday if you see what I mean…anyway, we wandered around searching for replacement glass for a window at Ang’s house…………you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a window place on Memorial Day!  And since when did the dumb Government change it to the third Monday in May anyway? that was stupid! It used to always be a different day…………….sheesh……where was I?  Oh yeah….finally found a piece of plexiglass a bit too big but got the dooflotchy to score it so Garry could break it off to fit,

and got some clear sticky stuff to seal it into the frame with and wandered on back to Ang’s……now I asked her at least a dozen times to just let me have her house and she is being really stubborn and mean (LOL) and keeps saying NO.  She seems to think I should go find my own house, but I REALLY like hers…………………………..sigh

Okay, so we’re home again and Garry is busy cutting plexiglass and I am once again bored……so I found some cans half-full of paint and said “hey Ang, I’m gonna paint your porch railing, okay?”  she said go for it, so I did……..

.then I painted a shelf BLUE so Garry could make a college bookcase (ya know, the ones with bricks and boards?)..anyway, it looked good and cleared out some boxes for me to schlepp back home so I can pack up my junk.  After we finished all the little chores it was back out to check out the cemetery (HUSH! I LIKE cemeteries!) and we took the “long way” home so I could watch the train guys coupling and setting up trains…………….IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna be a train engineer when I grow up….sigh

back home again to dinner (dang, ANG can COOK!) and hit the sack cause we were all exhausted
somewhere in there we watched the movie Avatar……I actually own it but have never opened it…and it was GREAT! Made me wonder why I simply haven’t seen it yet?   My days have all run together…..I do know that this morning I woke up, got dressed, packed the Ang and kissed and hugged the car goodbye……..hummmmmmmmmm. that’s not quite right.  Anyway I got home a few minutes ago (I left at 6:30am and it’s after 3:30 pm) so I figured I’d try to finish the blog and then go take a nap.

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    1. it loaded ok on my end………hope it does better in future for you.


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