prevarication (see I do know big words! lol)

I am quite simply amazed at the things people say and do to make themselves more important than they truly are…….what ever happened to feeling good about oneself without all the lies about who you know, where you have been, things you have done or schools you attended?

I have been quite open about the idiotic things I have done (well a lot of them have been exaggerated for the laugh factor), but people know I am an open book.

I did go to college…four times actually. the first time didn’t take as I was too busy having fun and ignoring those 8 am classes until I flunked out of one school and Mom transferred me (yea, I wasn’t happy about that) to a local school where I promptly flunked out…(yes again).

(Elon, NC where I flunked out)

so ten years go by and I went back to school when I couldn’t help Richard with his math homework and only intended to take one course…..that turned into getting an associates degree within a year (didn’t have time for more with two kids at home and a full-time job). I got out of there on the Dean’s list, phi theta kappa and in Who’s Who…..gotta say it did tons for my ego!

Then I went to a college for my bachelor’s, but had to transfer when George was PCS’d to a post in Texas………and spent the next two years (while home schooling my boys) taking distance know those horrid things whereby one goes to a classroom one day per month and everything is mailed into the school (in a different state), graded and then sent back with a grade?  gawd, that wasn’t easy, but I managed it. Graduated summa cum laude too……not too shabby for the “stupid” kid of the family.

I will tell anyone about my schools that ask, and I have the diploma’s (and pictures) to prove it……so why do people lie about their schools?  I mean, I know one person who went to a school that doesn’t even exist…………….there’s a school in the town with a similar name, but is it possible to “forget” which school one attended? it’s been twenty years for my bachelors and thirty for the associates but I do remember the names of the school and where they are located. WHY LIE?  I just don’t get it.

And jobs……… why would anyone lie about a job? Or anything associated with licensing?  it is so very easy to check and see if a person had a license so what’s the deal there?

And it drives me a bit mad when people take advantage of others with big hearts…..Yes, I am one of those that over the years has allowed herself to be taken advantage of, so I know how much it hurts when it is done to someone…..why can’t the rest of the world’s population behave themselves?  why is there always that one person who wants everything they can get and will go to all kinds of lengths to get it regardless of how it may affect others? Or is this strictly an American thing?  One rarely hears of Europeans acting poorly…………or Canadians……maybe we just have crappy news agencies and they don’t report others misbehaving but it feels like an American thing to me.

I am thinking that maybe I should invent a machine that can instantly tell when someone if totally full of crap and lieing about stuff………but I figure it probably wouldn’t have a big demand………Mom’s don’t need it, they know when their kids are lieing……..dads don’t need it, they are pretty good at catching the BS……….I guess we could just attach people to lie detectors before we become friendly with them but I don’t think too many would be willing to get attached………….besides, I know next to nothing about machinery.

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