the rain the floods and other things……….

We had some pretty wild weather all around us this past week and yesterday was a doozy………… rained a good ten inches in parts of the state, we had at least 5 inches here in the back yard…….not the front yard, that got only 2………….

I love the way the weather is here….one part of the yard gets drenched and we can stand in the other part and stay totally dry. Weird but cool.

Oklahoma City got six inches in an hour and started flooding, and for a bit George and I jokingly wondered if we needed to start building a boat.

There were several tornadoes around us…….three south of us and two west of us but barely a breeze here.  George kept saying we need a tornado shelter and I kept reminding him the house has been here for 100 years and never had tornado damage so why would it start now?

 Although we have pretty well decided to yank the old floor furnace out (since it is dead as a door-nail and nothing can fix it) and put a shelter there in the floor….it wouldn’t be any weirder looking than the grate to the furnace that is currently located in the middle of the floor.

One tornado blasted thru an animal park and several tigers were on the loose for most of the night……..gotta admit that was really cool… they were rounded up fairly quickly though by tribal police…… one was hurt, neither Tiger nor human so all is well on that point.

On another note…….I’ve got most of the hallway carpet up and the floor is looking really good so far…there seems to be nothing to repair or replace so we should have at least one god looking floor fairly quickly.  I dread ripping it up in George’s hobby/office room………he has so much stuff in there and the room is so strangely configured it will be a righteous pain in the patootie to accomplish…..and none of the floors in this house are on the same level…there’s a 1/2 difference in each one…the kitchen is 1/2 inch higher than the dining room, the hallway is 1/2 lower than the bathroom and the bedroom floors……we’re (well I am) constantly tripping on semi-thresh-holds around here………..oh well. I am back to ripping rugs today and cleaning 100 years of dirt off the floor once they are up.

Life is just so darned interesting here.

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