Today has been the kind of Sunday that I remember from childhood…bright sunny skies, puffy white clouds flitting along

.birds singing,

and the cats roaming the yard………yes, cats are roaming through the yard! lol  Morris, our twelve year old orange tabby cat has learned how to use the dog door.  Took him all of ten minutes after I finished the thing for him to discover the great outdoors is just a nudge away.

Now Morris has been an indoor cat all of his life…….we got him as an old dude with a positive feline leukemia test from the SPCA.he was a freebie as no one else on the planet seems to care about cats with positive FeV……….he isn’t symptomatic except for the world’s worst bad breath and a few loose teeth…….and he is so far gone in the life of the disease that he isn’t capable of passing it on to any other cats, but we have kept in inside because he is such a goofy and loving cat he will walk up to anyone and anything to rub along them………..  All good until he spots a ravening pit bull wanting to eat him.  Morris is so dense he just doesn’t seem to notice the danger………

Anyway, he’s okay and lying on the top of a window a/c unit sunning himself.

George spent the morning mowing the lawn (which had grown to Jungle heights due to all the rains) and weed whacking the edges………he finished up and after a few hours puttering around the house managed to mow the front yard as well.  I painted the screen door,

did a load of laundry and sprayed the remaining orange/pink/tan shag carpet for fleas………

This afternoon I went online for a while and played a few games, teased friends on facebook and generally made a pest of myself in chat…….and since i am now bored, I am going back outside to find the silly cat who left the a/c in backyard and is probably now trying to make friends with the ravening pit bulls down the road……..

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