why do I even try? lol

I adore my husband…..He has been my very best friend since the fourth grade and we get along quite well………..we can finish each other’s sentences,, start to say the same thing to each other at the same time…………..he does the chores I can no longer physically do without complaint and is just honestly a sweet, caring, empathetic man………..BUT

He wants to eat the same blasted things every day, and from week to week with never a change.

 It is enough to drive a person insane.  I go out of my way to create interesting tasty dinners and he turns his nose up at them! I want to strangle to man half the time (usually when he has just finished saying “i don’t like that” when he’s never tried it!) and the other half I want to hug him……

what is wrong with men that they just don’t want to try new or different foods?  Where did this standard remark of “I don’t like that” come from?   He said for the first ten years of our married life that he “hates Chinese food”….but I could never get him to even try any of it to see if he really truly hated it or not….so i fixed dinner one night that was a broccoli beef dish

and made some sweet and sour chicken

and some egg drop soup……………he loved all of it….of course it took me another ten years to tell him it was Chinese instead of Hawaiian food………….lol

Tonight I made beefaroni…not the crap in a can but the real thing from a recipe………he won’t even touch it.  the dog LOVES it, even the cat seemed to like it when he swiped some off my plate….but my sweet husband won’t even try the stuff.  Now he LOVES the crap in a can so why won’t he even try my excellent tasting home made beefaroni?  I’ll tell you what he said


he’s just darned lucky I don’t believe in wasting food cause that pot of beefaroni ALMOST made it on top of his head before I controlled my impulses……………sigh

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