much ado about……well nothing really


I wasn’t able to get into the blog for a few days…it seems that it is deleting files or moving files or just plain ignoring files that are necessary for me to write a whole lot of nothing…………… I had hoped that by writing something everyday my brain would somehow kick into gear and allow me to write erudite and concise blog posts about the world around me and my actions and/or reactions relating to said world…unfortunately, both my mind and my blog are failing to cooperate and instead I am left with this twaddle now the blog is once again available. Sigh.

Not only was my blog failing me but my mind was too……….I have been stuck in the house while recuperating from a fall in which I somehow managed to break a bone in my foot and debride the skin from said foot………… has been swollen and extremely painful to walk on and then the top has no skin at all so that just exacerbates the pain…..DSCN3222……thank goodness for Angela who has come to rescue me for a bit so I could get some real grown up things done…such as pay the mortgage! or go shopping …………I MUST have my diet dr pepper ya know……………and one day she simply rescued me so I could lounge around her house and make her laugh till she snorted over nothing at all………..

I have noticed while stuck here that I have become quite snarky to people online as well…………..I have found a few websites where people post inanities and I have found great delight in showing them just how incredibly stupid their statements are………..but I have been warned by a few people that since it isn’t wise to have a battle of wits with unarmed opponents that my behavior has been on the bitchy side……..and to cut it out… my life is revolving around bandage changes and online games for a while. Neither of which create good blogging material…………

well, in all honestly the online games could make a good blog but I have done that so much in the past it seems as if all I ever do is play games online.  I really do have a full life outside of facebook…I swear I do!……………but as I said, it is on hold until I can again walk without assistance.

So I suppose I can babble about the dumb stuff I see on facebook………I highly doubt anyone is interested in the chats I start that create global warfare between the other players though………..I do so love to point out to idiots that are indeed idiots………..for some reason that seems to annoy them though……….then they make the mistake of attacking me verbally and all hell breaks loose. …It amazes me to see how many other players are ready willing and able to pick up the gauntlet and go smoosh other players for being snarky right back at me…….especially when anyone can see that I started the problem in the first place.

For example…yesterday in asking Kali if I had somehow killed my blog I also asked if my refusal to backup was the problem.  I said something along the lines of “If I backup I’ll just fall of my chair again and I don’t want to”……now any moron can see that that statement was a HUGE exaggeration and completely moronic simply to make someone laugh at the lack of action on my part………but NOOOOOO, some maroon had to get their shorts in a twist and say “Suze, yer as dum as a box of rocks”…so of course I pointed out his spelling mistakes……………which made him spout off with a long diatribe of inanities that were designed to make this “stupid asshat” behave and/or shut up………so once again I corrected his spelling and this time corrected his punctuation as well………….Unfortunately he thought I was being “mean” (well, yes I was) and went off with very colorful language at which point I stated “I love the block player button. It is so nice to be able to ignore idjits”…………which he took to mean I actually blocked him………….moron.  Once he shut up he found that a whole BUNCH of people had their toons surrounding him and kept killing him off. Poor schmuck had to be told by several that it isn’t nice to pick on Suze.wod

All of this once again points to my original problem which is I am bored just sitting at home waiting for this dumb foot to heal…for after all…… is a far far better thing I do creating havoc within my community than on a worldwide basis……………and I am so ready to go do something silly that gets me banned from a major retail store.



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  1. I love you!!!


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