almost over

It is the last of the year……………and looking back (as I often do) I have noticed a few things about myself…………I am more relaxed this year than I was in any year prior……………..I do not know if age is the main factor or simply being happy is the reason, but this year I have been calmer and more content than ever before.

On the other hand, I have also noticed that I will take the devil’s advocate position on every single major emotional issue facing us in this country today….mostly because it is fun to annoy people, but also because I do not think people know how incredibly stupid they sound when spouting off about those hot topics. My likes are more about friends, family, being comfortable and taking pride in my accomplishments……………my dislikes are more about people’s intolerance and fear more than any other thing,…

I am more aware of my own prejudices and foibles……………..this year has shown me that not only do I not dislike or fear people of differing faiths or creeds or colors, but that I dislike and/or fear (for lack of a better term) MORONS and self-righteous fools………I don’t inherently fear or dislike old people, young people, Asians, Africans or African -Americans, Syrians, Egyptians or any other ethnic group.  I do hate the ideology behind the fear mongering towards other races or creeds. I hate the fear mongers behaviors…………..and I have noticed that I am starting (or admitting?) to lose all compassion for or interest in those that spend their time distrusting or hating others for their differences.

I hate that people seem to have lost all sense of the ridiculous……….everything is a world-shattering event…..humor has died except for scatalogical humor………………well, peeps. Scat. humor was funny in the fourth and fifth grades but is just stupid now.   People no longer see anything funny and take every statement as a serious event worthy of argument………I noticed that I have a few acquaintances that fail to find anything funny unless it is a cruel remark or deed……….and I feel so sorry for them. Laughter is what gets us all through our hard times……to lose that must be horrible.

It seriously makes me want to slap people silly when I hear (or read) them spout off about terrorists as if they have all the answers when they really do not even know what a terrorist is………..I hate it when people start verbally blasting Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, etc as “Muslim terrorists” when they have no clue really who those people are or what they believe.

I also want to slap the NRA and gun owners in this country to kingdom come……………..they are so very full of rhetoric they can not see the issue from a rational point of view and instead resort to fear-mongering and name calling when someone disagrees with them. Yes, we all have the right to own and use guns…until that right infringes on someone else’s rights. I think a rational approach would be to have a nationwide registry and intensive background checks prior to weapon sales, complete with a home inspection if necessary to ensure that owner has actually stored the weapon in a safe place where no one else can possibly get to it.  We should get rid of every single “gun-free” zone as those are the very places people go to shoot large groups of people. We should arm our police officers with better weapons that the criminals have.  this is in no way going to “solve” criminal behavior, but it is responsible and rational gun owners won’t mind. only those that can not pass a background check would mind, and they shouldn’t have a weapon in any event. Internet and individual sales should be prohibited with a long jail term as the punishment for doing so.  But, my gun totin’ friends will all disagree because they “have a right”………..well phooey!  With that right comes a responsibility, so dag nab it, be more responsible!

I want to slap 99% of the people running for the presidency……………maybe a good swift smack would knock some sense into them as they are turning a political race into a forum of fear and hatred of anyone not American and Christian.  That is NOT what our politicians should be doing. The Media et al, instead of hoping for ratings, should refuse to promote the xenophobic rantings of the politicians and instead start asking these players about the real issues we face instead of the fantasies…maybe then posers such as Trump will be shown for the completely incapable racists they are.

I have become completely disillusioned about the educational process in this country………………I have watched students attempt to achieve changes in their colleges through irresponsible and sometimes reprehensible means…….I was a part of student protests back when we actually had things to protest…things like the Viet Nam war………..things like women’s and Black’s rights……… kids are holding “protests” because they are offended…by what is taught, or how it is taught, or by whom is teaching the classes………….the scream obscenities at professors and other students, they beat up other students and teachers……….this isn’t protest, it is assault for heaven’s sake….so why are colleges caving in? because of twitter and facebook? really? or is it just political correctness that is making these colleges squirm?

What ever happened to peaceful protest? Why the rather sudden desire to beat people up or scream at them for disagreeing with your point?  For this your parents and the taxpayers get to foot the bill of your ivy league school? I don’t think so. Every kid that acts inappropriately at a college should have their student loans called and be dismissed with prejudice from that school. Let them try to pay those college bills on a minimum wage salary which is all they can expect after being kicked out. Only a few need to be given the old heave ho before twitter gets ahold of the news and soon all kids will think twice before acting like animals instead of rational young people.

I am sick and tired of hearing from the Bible thumpers on every issue known to mankind and getting the final response of read the Bible and change before the end times!  Do you “good Christians” have any idea just how misogynistic you truly are? Do you have any idea just how irritating to people of other faiths you are?  Could you possible become any more vitriolic, or bigoted, or hateful? If Jesus came back today he would absolutely be appalled at the things you all say and do in His name………….he would weep with despair over what you have created from His teachings……….Honestly, using the Old Testament to bash people is absurd……do all you “good people” not understand that the old testament is Jewish HISTORY and literature and the “rules” laid out were for desert dwelling people without a central government? This old testament is not something to cherry pick to use to hold people down or condemn for being different than you. And, IF you are Christians, why are you even using the Old Testament?  Jesus supposedly created a NEW testament (or contract) with God with his death and life………..try learning your own religion before spouting it off at me or anyone else please.

I think people need to take a step back from their own interests and look at the bigger picture…a global picture. We are far more likely to harm ourselves than some poor syrian shepherd is……we need to start looking at the world that we are leaving for our grandchildren and asking ourselves, is this good enough? Do we really want them to live in a world where the air and water are so polluted that it is unusable?  What about global warming? we are seeing it happen in our changing weather patterns, the warming of the ice caps, the rising of the oceans…………when are we going to do something about it instead of sticking our heads in the sand and saying “it’s a myth”?

I hope that sometime in this new year we pull our collective heads out of our asses and actually work towards creating a better world for those who will come after us….cause I have to say, this world, this year………suck on a global scale….I am just thankful that my own PERSONAL year has been good………….

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