YCMMBABP Award!!!!!!

Cyranny (of Cyranny’s Cove) my lovely blog-buddy from the frozen north has created a blog award.  And she gave it to ME! I am blather-smacked! (for those not speaking Suze, that means totally bum-fuzzled, embarrassed, excited, giddy and giggly all at the same time. and yes, it can be exhausting. Drink plenty of fluids, eat a cookie and go to bed early when it happens to you)

She even made a badge! She is simply incredible..the artwork is delightful, so polished and professional. She amazes me frankly.  (or even Georgely if you don’t know Frank)

So without further ado (or adieu even) here it is! the YCMMBABP Award!wink_large

The YCMMBABP Award nominees should be bloggers that go out of their way to make your own blog a better place for you and other readers. Be it by being incredibly kind, thoughtfull, wisdomy, funny or planin crazy!

There are rules even though at first there weren’t going to be any in honor of my abhorence for them, but as the great Cyranny said :

“This Award being inspired by Suze, there should be no rules! (I hear you clapping in your hands Suze… Keep clapping, it’ll help me locate you!!!)

But it is MY baby, so I’ll put a few rules anyway!”


1- No need to nominate back straight away if you want to accept the Award. 

2- Nominate as many people as you want, but please do it one at a time! 

3- When you nominate a fellow blogger, please tell us in which way his/her comments have made a difference in your part of the bloggosphere, so we know him/her better! 

So there they are…..now I assume there are questions somewhere but I haven’t read that far yet so just bear with me..or even bare with me. I can handle it.


1- What is one of your earlier posts you would recommend me? I think you should read “Bludgeon a Bull or how I got a well” of course you won’t be able to do so until the minions and my geekette figure out what code I managed to erace or modify so that my blog is invisible.  They have been working madly in the attempt to fix it yet again. For some odd reason I tend to regularly kill my blog so that when I attempt a log in it looks at me with utter disbelief and says “but SUZE! You killed me yesterday when you erased the hogswallop blikcketflibbit in your compluter!” Or you could just read the answers here. that works too. I know I have several recommendations for your reading pleasure but I can’t find them cause I can’t flipping LOG IN! 

2- Tell me about your worst time, traveling. (That should be funny!) Oh lordie, do I have to?  sigh………okay fine!

I once took an all left turns trip……my little sis was with me at the time and it wasn’t entirely my idea but there ya have it. Put us together and horrid things happen.We headed towards Phoenix (that’s west of where we lived in Texas and in another state…….Arizona or new hampshire, one of the two) and since it was 4:30 am when we left for some reason it made sense to drive making only left turns. Our first problem came just getting out of the driveway. it was a right turn onto the road…..so I did a 47 point turn around with the car so it was backwards then pulled out of the driveway making a reverse right which ended up being a left and we were on our way. Yes, I realise it took us a half hour to get out of the driveway!  We did fine until we got to the highway……….it was a right merge. so I used the bridge to get over the highway and come at it backwards thus the left turn was executed.  After several hundred miles of straight driving on the highway we got to a turn off…….and danged if it wasn’t another right turn…so instead I pulled into a middle of the road gas station and backed into the offramp………..45 seconds later we made a quick left and I was facing the correct direction once again.  That was my first ticket though. The state trouper was not impressed with an all left turns trip. Evetually we got to Phoenix where there were tons and tons of left turns to take but none of them were turns we needed….ours (of course) was a right turn into the hotel parking lot. So I went around the block found a parking lot on the left and pulled in……drove to the exit and turned left so we could go back around the same block in the opposite direction…and one more left turn later we were in the parking lot of our hotel..where I was stopped by another cop for driving down a one way street the wrong way. I once again explained the all left turn trip and he was also not impressed.  Oh goodie I got a second ticket. The next morning, we had to deliver a bunch of cameras to a shop that had purchessed them and thank goodness there were no rights to take. On the way back home again I decided to take a left and we eventually ended up on a goat track in the Superstition Mountains……….these are huge sharp looking mountains and that track roamed up and down the mountains getting skinnier and skinnier until the road ran out and we were on a sort of a rocky path. WEvery now and then we’d see a goat fall off the side of the mountain and I thought we’d probably be joining him at the bottom before we found our way out. Eventually we found an old burned out trailer………..and stopped to see where in hades we were………and a grizzly looking person with a full beard (with bread crumbs in it for Gawd’s sake!) answered the door and said “git afore I shoots ya”.  I smiled through the terror and said “um, how do I get to texas from here?” He pointed back up the goat track and said “Not that way”. He pointed around behind his burnt looking trailer and said “take the highway why don’t ya”. I looked and by golly there was a highway back there.  WITH A LEFT ENTRANCE!  Needless to say i took it and eventually we got home again. Not before accumulating another four tickets though.

3- If English was banned from the surface of the earth, what language would you choose as your new mother tongue? Why? (You don’t have to pick French to be nice… lol) (You don’t have to pick Danish either… but I do recommend it! LOL) pig latin. I can actually still speak it.

4- What’s at the top of your list for Santa? (or will be, if you haven’t sent it yet….) For my original blog to be working again and for the ability to never ever delete the flibbertywhatsits so I never kill it again.

5- Where do you live? (*wink*)  I live south of Canada and north of Texas…east of California and west of the Mississippi River. I think it is the Mississippi River. in a bright yellow hose with turquoise posts and a coral porch……..Are ya gonna come swing on one of the porch swings?


Okay that’s it for the questions and I can nominate someone that blathers well in commentary type comments on other people’s blogs. Off to research before awarding though so ya may not see this for a week or so. I need to find that special commentarier……was that a word? it doesn’t really look like a word. it could be a word. it’s probably French which is why I don’t recognise it. yea, that’s it.



1 thought on “YCMMBABP Award!!!!!!

  1. LOL That left turns only trip… Priceless!! I hung up on a client to finish it (no, I didn’t, but I could have, if he/she had been rude… Which doesn’t happen often since I am so darn nice and sweet)

    I hope good old Suziland.net gets rescued soon… I miss the leaves already! At least we have Suziland too!

    Grrr… I’ll write more later, Booh j*b is keeping me away from the keyboard for the moment :/

    Liked by 1 person

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