Warning: fatal error

I was asked to join into an online game….now this isn’t anything new as I have played somewhere around a bazillion online games before………..and most of them were a passing fad…….but then there are two that stick out in my memory (and I am sure the memories of my online friends) that nearly drove me to distraction because I couldn’t seem to play with moderation…..or even a moderator!  I was constantly online doing something ridiculous or just plain stupid, usually causing gales of laughter from the other players.

I have been known to go online while hospitalized and drugged out of my skull……I have also gone online to games just so I could report the play-by-play of my tiny little city council……..I even tried to use a hospital computer that was monitoring people’s heart rates or something else equally important when denied my laptop……………but this one takes all of those and makes them look like I was just fooling around.

The game is everquest2 and (yes I used to yell at my son to get off of “ever-crack” when he was a teen) I actually enjoy it……..I really enjoy it………………I think I am addicted actually and probably should worry but don’t seem to have a mom worry gene for myself…………………….

anyway, I was quite happily playing it for literally hours each day…..I forgot to wash the dishes, forgot to eat (actually it’s a great way to lose weight…..just go off on a quest that kills your character a bazillion times and decide to keep playing until you win the quest)….and generally made a nuisance of myself to all the other players…………then my computer decided that I had played enough and started to act quite stupidly!

It first slowed me down while I was playing so it looked as if my speedy little knight-errant was mired in mud and slowly slogging on it’s adventures………..then when I didn’t pay any attention to my household chores and continued to play, ……….the computer decided to go on a sort of strike…….except it’s a COMPUTER so I had no clue what it was saying!  Then since I completely ignored all it’s weird little warning pop-ups, it took more drastic measures to ensure that I completed the housework that was piling up.

It sent me this warning ……“WARNING: This application ran out of memory when requesting 87696 Bytes; limit 718 MB currant usage 718 MB”……….okayyyyy.

I had no clue what that meant so I decided to just ignore it and try to play.  I closed the little warning box (ya just click the “x” and it goes away) but the computer got mad at my ignoring it and froze itself into place………my poor little knight guy wouldn’t move………then when he did move he fell off a bridge and drowned! And the game shut down.

I thought to myself “I wonder why that happened” and proceeded to reopen the game.  I found myself back where I started when the game opened and I drowned again! arggggggggggggg!  OK, finally got it going and decided I had better start swimming (the character that is) so I was getting close to a shoreline when I started swimming slower, and slower, and pretty soon it was taking five minutes for my characters arm to move at all.  It was freezing up again!

Then this warning popped up “WARNING: Fatal ERROR:  application ran out of memory when requested 99574 Bytes; Limit 718 MB, currant 718 MB”  At this point I call my son to ask what to do and he texts me back…..now I don’t know text stuff so I had a devil of a time figuring out how to open the message; but I finally did something right and it opened.  So then I had to text back. Now, I barely know how to answer a cell phone and have no clue how to text so I went across the street to the neighbor and asked the 10 year old to do it for me. I still had no clue what to do with the computer though.

Now since I had no clue what the message meant and have no idea what my son said to do (well i know what he said I just don’t know what it means!)  I just reopened the program and started to play This time I don’t even get to see my little character as the warning message is now popping up before the program even opens!      “WARNING!!!!!!!!!!! FATAL ERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I know the machine is now mad at me because it is putting up all kinds of exclamation points on its warnings)  “Application requested 1082495 bytes……718 MB Limit, 718 MB USED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and again, it crashed………………

SO, I finally think that maybe I have a shortage of memory……maybe I am using too much somewhere……….but the main problem is that not only do I NOT know what memory in a puter looks like but I have no idea how to make more of it………………….so (of course) I decide to do the rational and logical thing!  I start taking stuff OFF the puter so I have more memory and can then play the game!  Yep….I took off my Mahjonng game, the angry birds, the sollitare,and a few things that I didn’t really know what they were for as I had never used them………..then I remembered a friend had once said to me that I should “defrag” the puter regularly…….so i had to find a defrag thingy………….that took all of an hour to locate but I finally found the thing in a control panel…….now i porbably took things out of the control panel but since I don’t really remember I don’t have to take the blame for it!

In any event i ran the defrag scan-a-ma-bobber and it said “YOUR computer is in SERIOUS need of defraggings”….or sumthin like that……so I clicked the button that said “defrag” and all kinds of neat colored lines popped up and started moving around……………….it seemed to take forever but was pretty to watch so the time didn’t drag………..and all the big red blobs turned into pretty blue lines and huge white spaces………..so it must have done something good……………..now while this defragging business was going on an online player called me to harass me about dragging her into the game so her character could fall off of cliffs and die a lot without my help………and after a good half hour we decided that only another player could help (he’s a puter guy) so I would call him……but my friend (the one sending her character off cliffs) was talking to the guys wife (another sweet friend) and she said (the sweetie) her hubby (the puter guy) would call me when he could………..so it looked like things were picking up.

So, the puter guy calls (he really is sweet) and tells me to open the start and check the fraggle-thing for the puter memory thing and then tell him what it says………so of course the poor man has to tell me seventeen times what to do before I understand………………I am now looking at this “Memory 958 MB RAM available page file 224 MB used, 2084 available” and he says “what?” so i repeat it and he says “you don’t have a lot of memory there suze”……..well yeah, that much I knew………but then he says, “we’re going to make some changes that hopefully will fix the thing”………so I sigh with relief……he says “open the game”……..and I say, well that’s the problem………………he says do it…………………sigh

anyway, after fifteen minutes, many sighs on my part and serious amounts of muffled laughter on his part, I manage to change the option thing he said to change……….I have no clue what it was but it eventually changed………….and I got to play!  yep it was working again, and actually better than it had before!  I was so busy screaming and doing a happy dance around the room I failed to notice a small warning box flashing in the corner…………I did manage to play for all of four minutes, connect up with the friend that had been fussing cause I wasn’t playing, moved three feet in the virtual world and fall off a cliff……………to crash again!

The machine was happily flashing at me “WARNING, YOU MORON!      FATAL ERROR!!!      YOU HAVE NO MEMORY!!!!!!!!!!

I think I need more memory…………………….or I need to take off more stuff…………I wonder just how badly I need windows?………

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  1. You need to get more ram for your computer sweety… Lol we need to talk soon, I can help you figure out what to get. ❤ hit me up on Facebook tomorrow if you can.


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