SYW week 48

Yea! time again for Cee’s Share Your World challenge……at least I think it is a challenge. it is challenging to do the same type of blog week after week for a year…in any event, I love this one. Cee always has such interesting questions to aswer.


Do you prefer eating foods with nuts or no nuts?   I’d rather eat the nuts by themselves..or in peanut butter. I dislike finding a crunchy thing in a brownie for instance.  I love finding pecans in a pecan pie.  I hate finding nuts in my rocky road ice cream, but I love finding almonds in my almond joy candy bar.  There is no right answer to this question!

If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama, a comedy, a romantic-comedy, action film, or science fiction?  I would hope that it would be a drama but with my luck it would be a comedy..and not a good comedy either. I wouldn’t want it to be a romantic comedy either..think Julia Roberts in that movie about being a bridesmaid a bazillion times..yea that would be me. I would hate for someone to do a doco about my life..there is only 1/3 of it that would be okay to watch..the rest would make most feeling people cringe. 

 Who talks real sense to you? Well, heck, Cee. Where are we going with this question? Did you mean who talks me out of doing stupid stuff? that would be no one. Who is the most sensible person I know that tries to keep my impulses in check? That would be my husband George…well at least when he is awake he does.

Do you have a favorite board game? No. I used to love playing RISK……that take over the world war game..but I hate to lose. I am a sucky loser. I admit it, I pout, I find arguments as to why the other person did not really win and I can have a full blown hissy fit if I don’t get my way. I refuse to play any board games. This way no one gets hurt.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?  Thanksgiving KFC at my best friends on the Sunday following the “real” holiday. No pressure to cook, a decent and cheap meal for four, good company and a football game for the men. I am looking forward to receiving my new bifocals from .  If you wear glasses you really and truly want to check those guys out. 

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  1. You know what, I have never played RISK. So any show or movie that references it, I’m totally lost. Thanks for sharing.

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