And the award goes to……….

YCMMBABP Award!!!!!!wink_large-1

Cyranny (of Cyranny’s Cove) my lovely blog-buddy from the frozen north has created a blog award.  And she gave it to ME! I am blather-smacked! (for those not speaking Suze, that means totally bum-fuzzled, embarrassed, excited, giddy and giggly all at the same time. and yes, it can be exhausting. Drink plenty of fluids, eat a cookie and go to bed early when it happens to you)

She even made a badge! She is simply incredible..the artwork is delightful, so polished and professional. She amazes me frankly.  (or even Georgely if you don’t know Frank)

Now……I have finally completed my research into who the very first person nominated should be. I have read comments, compared them and determined that this award for making a blog better through commentary is………..(drum roll please)……….

Larry Paul Brown of Quest. Larry was one of the first people to ask me if I had lost my mind in a comment.  I respect that, and I respect the fact that he recognized that my mind had indeed been temporarily misplaced. He even helped me find it! That’s the great guy Larry is…..he helps.

Larry, like me, is a friend of Bill and writes beautifully about the steps, thoughts and feelings that promote sobriety. He also, like most of us in recovery, has a warped sense of humor.  I adore him. I can always count on him to make a snarky, pithy or absolutely sweet remark upon my ramblings. When I needed (okay I just wanted not needed) people to recommend my blog he gave me a wonderful quote to use……check out my home page for that quote.

The YCMMBABP Award nominees should be bloggers that go out of their way to make your own blog a better place for you and other readers. Be it by being incredibly kind, thoughtfull, wisdomy, funny or planin crazy!


1- No need to nominate back straight away if you want to accept the Award. 

2- Nominate as many people as you want, but please do it one at a time! 

3- When you nominate a fellow blogger, please tell us in which way his/her comments have made a difference in your part of the bloggosphere, so we know him/her better! 


1- What is one of your earlier posts you would recommend to me?

2- If English was banned from the surface of the earth, what language would you choose as your new mother tongue? Why?

3-Without mentioning the state or country, describe where you live.

4-If you were the ruler of the universe what one law would you make and why?

Ok, Larry, the ball is in your court., Do with it what you will!


5 thoughts on “And the award goes to……….

  1. Hey Suze, don’t make it bad… Take a sad song, and make it betteeeeer! Ooops, sorry, my brain slipped here… Again! Dang! So… I just wanted to thank you for pushing the very prestigious YCMMBABP Award forward 🙂 (you can copy the badge, if you want… )

    I hope it’ll go all around the world to put the spotlight on people like you 🙂

    Happy come back to your unbroken home! Stay away from all “delete” buttons now!!


    1. oh…..there’s a delete button? really? where is it so I know not to touch it……..ohhhhhhh there it is! I see it..are ya sure I can’t just touch it a tiny bit? maybe a drive by touch sort of thing? I mean, after all what could this tiny little button actually do to a blo


  2. forget the badge comment…. I had not seen it at the top of the page. Dang cold!


  3. Well Suze, I simply cannot refuse any award nominations from you. Check out my post for the acceptance speech. Thanks, you’re a great bud.


    1. YEA! you are so welcome! off to see what you wrote!


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