The list to keep inside that blasted bucket!

Georgie Moon over at third time lucky wrote an “anti-bucket” list and challenged us to do our own…….now, I have nothing against bucket lists..I have a few of my own, but the idea of a list of stuff I would never in a bazillion years want to do just strikes my funny bone. So here goes nothing. the Anti-Bucket list of Suze!emptying-bucket6

  1. I do NOT want to jump out of an airplane.  To even think of using a parachute is enough to make my skin crawl.pig-parachute
  2. I do NOT want to visit Las Vegas.  I don’t care what stays there, it shall never be me.las-vegas
  3. I do NOT want to visit Europe. Or China. or India. or Afghanistan. Nor do I wish to visit any small Caribbean Island. If I have to travel then it will be reachable by train or bus or auto………..
  4. I do NOT wish to ever ride an airplane anywhere ever again! I don’t mind the ride, I certainly do not mind foreign customs. What I mind are the lunkheads that work for the TSA.tsa
  5. I do NOT want to be responsible for raising babies ever again. and it doesn’t matter what kind of humans, cats, dogs, goats, donkeys, gazelles, platypi, giraffe, zebras nor tigers, no alligators, no coatimundis.  NO BABIES!baby-platapus
  6. I do NOT want to paint my house a boring color. I don’t care what the neighbors think. If I want neon orange, purple and turquoise then that is what I shall have.painting
  7. I do NOT want to ride a roller coaster. I did that once in Hershey Pennsylvania and will never do it again! Horrible ride!roller
  8. I do NOT want to celebrate any more birthdays. I’ve had enough celebrations of a thing I had no control over. it’s time to celebrate the things i DO have control over.cake
  9. I do NOT want to wear makeup. I am an old fart and I don’t see the point of slapping on a ton of gunk trying to look twenty years younger.
  10. I do not want to run a marathon. I am lucky to walk from the parking lot into a store ten feet running for this old lady. now roller skating is a different story. _39090483_old

Honestly I can’t think of anything else I don’t want to do besides eating bugs or liver…and I figure since there isn’t another person alive that could make me do either it doesn’t need to be on this list.

1 thought on “The list to keep inside that blasted bucket!

  1. I’m not going to eat bugs, or liver, either. So pleased you have got your blog back, Suze!


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