I have to remember to renew George’s subscription to modeler’s magazine next month. I have to renew the license plates on the truck. I have to renew my domain……none of this renewal is fun. I want a fun renewal.

I can’t think of any fun types of renewals though.

There’s urban renewal. There’s personal renewal… There’s resource renewal 

Heck, there’s even window renewal..But I can’t think of any renewal that is fun! That just doesn’t seem fair to me.  If dad-blasted windows can get renewed, then there should be something enjoyable that can be renewed. Any ideas?

6 thoughts on “renewals

  1. I think just waking up to a new day is sort of a renewal. One day our subscription to life will simply run out and not be renewed.


    1. oh I know..which is why I try to live each and every day as if it is the last one I will ever have.


    2. I already have plaid fingernails thanks to my grand daughter next door. They are pretty cool, blue, white and green. oh my. as for the hair, I don’t spend money on it, just cut it myself. I don’t want to get upset with someone else when they cut it the way I ask and I hate it. lol


  2. Get your hair cut a new way. Fingernails painted neon purple. I don’t know. At my age, it’s pretty hard to think of a renewal that’s just for fun. Most of my renewals tend to be just getting the creaky bones out of the bed 🙂


  3. Renewing your library card is fun. Getting new books is fun too.


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