it’s hard to believe

believe : to accept something as true……

As a child, I believed in silly things like fairies, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Over time the belief in them vanished into knowing that adults lied.

When I was a child, I believed adults knew everything.  Over time, I knew they rarely did.

Most of our childhood beliefs change as we age and experience life.

Some never do. They become the foundation of who we are as a part of humanity.

Our belief in the basic goodness of others, our belief in a higher power, our belief that the people we elect will work FOR us instead of against us.

It is shattering to discover that the things we hold closest to our hearts are wrong. Our politicians are NOT working in our best interests. Religious leaders are NOT preaching and living the gospel. Our country is NOT the “greatest” in any way.

It’s so easy to let the hatred of those different than ourselves take over and affect every part of our lives. It is so easy to let racism, sexism, misogyny take root in our hearts.

The hard thing is to continue having faith that good people will prevail.  That the government shall once again be for us instead of against us.  That religion will once again follow the path to God instead of to money or power.

The hard thing is to have faith in humanity. If we want for our children and grandchildren a better world…we MUST do the hard things.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. Abraham Lincoln




10 thoughts on “it’s hard to believe

  1. I agree, Suze. Sadly, I agree.


  2. Excellent post and, unfortunately right on the money.


  3. Sooooo uplifting and hope-affirming….thank you for sharing your heart 🙂


  4. Very powerful thoughts, Suze. I like your bottom line…..we can’t be drawn into the hatred. We must show the kids and grandkids what we know to be truth. “Talk the talk and WALK THE WALK.”


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  6. By far, this is my favorite post in months. Totally agree with every word.


    1. Thank you Ehab. For such a short and simple post it was one of the hardest to write.


  7. Bravely said, Suze! Yes, it takes courage and faith to keep going and not hate and not get bitter.

    To go back to the beginning of your post, though, and the cartoon: I can never understand why it’s ‘lying’ when parents tell their children fairy stories. I was told many, loved them, and passed them on to my children with embellishments. But now I increasingly hear that one should be very factual with children. The Montessori Method, which is very popular in some circles in Bangalore, says fiction is a complete no-no until children are old enough to know the difference. I can sort of see the point of this, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be a terribly dull childhood that contained no fantasy. Would the wonders of the real world be enough? Or would the child, as I suspect, make up her own fantasies in her head?


    1. we’d make up our own fanstasies. I just remember how upset I was with my parents for not telling me before I entered school and was teased mercilessly about believing in santa claus.


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