Around the WorldPressAmazingRace: Jack is Back!!

We seriously thought we had seen the tail end of the little monster darling Donkey, Jack, when I sent him off to Shay of A Sunken Thought in Kentucky.  I figured he would be out of my hair and life forever. Boy was I wrong! Jack showed up at Angie’s door in Enid, Oklahoma two days ago. 

Angie doesn’t blog so when she got the envelope she said “save me Suze!  So I am writing it. She had to take pictures.  Cyranny’s Challenge is for bloggers after all.

Now, Angie giggled when she read Shay’s note. She honestly thought “just how much trouble can one little donkey be?”.

Jack wasn’t out of his envelope more than a minute before he tried to change her online game, and make a phone call to Canada.

She shooed him away from both computer and phone, turned to see where he had gone and discovered Jack trying to get not only her Dr. Pepper but a CIGARETTE!

Well, Angie had a hissy fit right then and there and shouted at Jack to behave himself OR ELSE! Jack (of course) simply ignored her and bounced around the house for a bit before she could once again catch up to him.

He changed the football score on Garry’s blackboard,  teased Angie’s dog Jake, mucked about with the police scanner, reset the electric heating,  got into the refrigerator, reset Garry’s electronic walking machine and headed for the garage.

Angie grabbed him right before he got the back door open and threw him into the bird cage to contain him. After all that excitement Angie went to bed early and prayed for a better tomorrow.

The next morning Jack promised to behave himself before she would let him out of the cage. Jack SWORE on his “Momma’s Grave” (his words, not ours) that he would be an exemplary donkey for the day.

After a nice breakfast of cheerios and fish fingers (yes, I know it is gross, you know it is gross..but Jack wanted it) Angie let him out of his cage. And Jack once again proved the old axiom “you can not trust a donkey named Jack” (ok, so sue me since I just made that up and said it was an axiom. Axiom is my word of the day and it fit)

Jack scrambled out of the back door and into the garage where he hot-wired Garry’s Harley-Davidson,took off the battery cables from Angie’s van so he couldn’t be followed,  and took off on the bike.

Angie rushed outside upon hearing the bike start up. She KNEW it wasn’t Garry as he was in the bathroom. She saw the bike screeching around the corner and lost sight of it. She had no choice but to call the local police who eventually (after a high-speed chase into Kansas) finally caught up with Jack and arrested him.

Jack is sitting in the Enid City Jail waiting to be bailed out. Tomorrow morning, I am designated to go bail out the little monster and mail him off to parts unknown. I am hoping he is hand-cuffed before I have to shove him into an envelope. So, to wrap up..the little purple dude has gone from Canada to Oklahoma, to Kentucky and back to Oklahoma again. Here’s hoping the people in Timbuktu have no stamps so he stays there.




3 thoughts on “Around the WorldPressAmazingRace: Jack is Back!!

  1. I hope Moe is better behaved than that!



    Excellllllllent post… I love it! And I am so sorry I forgot to mention you can use maple syrup to lure him!! I know, I know… about time I told you, right??

    Please, send my most heartfelt appologies to Angie and Garry, and let me know if anyone had to take a loan to bail out the handful Donkey from Hell!!

    Big hugs to all 4 of you 🙂 And Jack, if he hasn’t left for Timbuktu 😉



    1. LOL…….NOW ya tell me! And I have a handy dandy ten gallon jug of the syrup too! Jack is winging his way somewhere..I am not quite sure where he will end up as I allowed the three year old next door to address the envelope. I don’t think the kid really knows how to write, but I stuck on a stamp anyway and no return address.


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