Stevesaw’s BMU challenge: introducing a favorite blogger

My friend Steven Sawyer over at the BMU is hosting a BMU challenge. (That’s the Blogging Meet-Up btw) He requests (extremely nicely!) that we create a post about someone we follow and why we follow them.

There are so many wonderful blogs that I follow that MY challenge was in picking the first one to write about. I narrowed it down to four after an hour of frustration, giggles, guffaws and sobs from reading their posts. And I chose:

Kimmy’s Patio

Why did I choose Kim first you may well ask? She makes me FEEL. It doesn’t matter what her posts are about, I feel the pain, the joy, the frustrations, the love. She has an amazing way with words that paint pictures in my soul.

A little Background

Kim is married to her best buddy Dave and they still obviously adore each other after more than 20 years of marriage. They have three boys (please let me get their names right the first time) Josh, Chris and…………….SEAN! I knew I could remember it! They have a couple of what she calls “fur babies” as well, and every now and then they are featured in a post.

Kim is a freelance writer (oh, don’t we ALL wish we were too?) and in her spare time has THREE blogs! One is about ghost writing and blog help, one is the Patio (my favorite) where every subject is open for discussion, and one hosted by I have to admit that the ghostie blog is the one I have visited the least. I am too busy with her other two blogs.

What caught my eye first was a post she wrote about her kitchen renovations. Frankly I was amazed that she wasn’t losing her mind. I have done renos and they are horrid. She managed to keep her sense of humor about it all even when her husband took off  after pulling down a wall to play golf! Read it here: Ready or not, let’s renovate!

Kim also works as a caregiver for a person with muscular dystrophy (another blogger I want to write about). She is curious and interested in different ways of maintaining health and writes about essential oils and being on a paleo diet. Now I have to admit, I have no clue what a paleo diet is even after reading what she has written. It all sounds so foreign to me. It doesn’t help that I think of dinosaurs every time I read about it either. She speaks about the diet here a bit Get back on track .

I think we tend to connect with writers that share some of our life experiences or have the same kind of humor we do. Kim meets both categories for me. She was in the Army and I might as well have been. I “served” as an Army wife for twenty years. Kim served in the Army.  I does Kim. It’s just she eats like “cavemen” (her words, not mine) and I crave diet dr. pepper’s even though I know they are awful for me.

Whenever I am feeling low or frustrated or just plain bored I head over to read the posts Kim writes. You should to. I think you will quickly find your day just isn’t complete until you read what this wonderful lady has to say.




4 thoughts on “Stevesaw’s BMU challenge: introducing a favorite blogger

  1. This is a great idea. Is it supposed to be a new person, because the person I’m thinking of, is not.


    1. no, he just said someone that you follow. So it can be anyone. I think it is a great way to introduce people’s work that we appreciate.


  2. Awww, Suze! You are the kindest, sweetest lady to say all those things! I’m blushing! I am proud that my blog makes you feel something, that gives me a reason to keep writing. To find that my blog is your favorite…well, that makes me feel special, warm and fuzzy inside.
    Thanks for the shout out, and I will check out Steven’s blog as well!


    1. I didn’t say anything that was exaggerated or untrue. I really do love your blogs and want other people to see the incredible writer I see.


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