Blogging Meetup Challenge :introducing two terrific bloggers

Steven Sawyer gave this challenge, and failed to place a number or time limit on it which I am taking advantage of immediately. The challenge is this: find a blogger you follow and write about them. Give examples as to why they are one of your favorites. Leave a few links to posts you loved. So for numbers two and three of my favs listing, I would like to introduce

Shay of A Sunken Thought.

I “met” Shay playing Wings of Destiny, an online Facebook RPG (role playing game). She and I were not in the same “guild” but had multiple contacts in the chat room and on the playing field. (She tended to smush my character a LOT). We connected. I don’t know why as she is a twenty-something mom of two and I am a sixtyish old fart with a snarky attitude, but we did.

We had discussions on everything from sex, to parenting, to attack plans, to comic books, real books, movies, other players bad attitudes and strategy. We had so many things in common that I started calling her “mini-me”.

Shay is happily married to Allan and they have two absolutely adorable girls. Shay writes about them, shares movies of them, worries about them and adores them regardless of the crazy kid things they do. Hello Sunshine is one of my favorite posts of Shay’s. I actually watch it whenever I feel angry or sad and it cheers me immensely. And if that post fails somehow to cheer me up, I watch Time of Wonder. It’s a christmas video and blog about her Mom visiting and the kids opening presents.

Shay is an atheist. She has dealt with people completely misunderstanding her position when it comes to God and responded kindly and brilliantly. She actually epitomises Christ-like behaviors in her dealings with people. Oh she can become angry and let loose with profanities, but the anger is usually righteous anger over social injustice. I honestly wish more Christians acted the way this little Atheist acts. The world would be a much kinder place.

Shay is a gifted writer as well. Oh she isn’t trained in composition but her stories pull one in and refuse to let go. She wrote a novella (that’s a very short Novel, Shay…lol) called Love Lorn. It is a 14 part posting on her site.  GO READ IT!!!

I could write for literally hours about Shay, but I have another blogger to introduce.

Jay E. of Running in my Head

Jay E. is the kind of teacher every parent wants for their child. When he isn’t spending time with his class, Jay spends time with his adored wife, Krystal or running.  As he says on his blog site, he is writing “rantings & ramblings of a book-loving, coffee-drinking, marathon-running social studies teacher”.

Jay was just awarded the teacher of the year by his town’s local VFW post and for some oddball reason, he was amazed by their decision.

Jay has several posts about his classroom and the interactions with his kids, and every time I read one I think “I wish I had a teacher like Jay”. Check out: 7 reflections/8 years  or Will they still feel the same way after exams? Both are terrific posts and give you a lot of insight into Jay’s teaching and how the children feel about him.

Jay has an ongoing coffee klatch on his site and is the creator of Wicked Word Wednesdays which is a lovely challenge that I actually came in FIRST once.

Go check out both of these blogs. You won’t be sorry.

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  1. If I had to pick two of my favorite posts of my own I would probably pick the same two! Lol thank you so much for the sweet words of praise. Our meeting may have been by chance but I am ever so happy we met at all. My life has definitely been better for the experience!


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