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I have no idea why I just made Later Alligator the title. Must have been something I ate..or a brief foray into my third of fourth childhood.

As I already posted about changing up the dining room I suppose I don’t have to mention it again.  It was all because I kept stubbing my toe on a cabinet.  Then I moved a display case and that set off the chain reaction.

the display case that started it all on the left.

But I could mention that I have rearranged the living room now as well. It seemed to “balance’ out the room a bit and open up some more space. Space is something we have very little of here.

everything in this room except the settee,  tiny end table and the landscape were free

The cottage is less than 1000 square feet..okay it is 910 square feet if I want to be accurate. There are two bedrooms, but we only utilize one of them as a sleeping space of any kind. The other is an office for me, a television room and a play area for George..I converted the single closet in the house into a modeling space for him.

How George finds anything in that is beyond my comprehension..I hide it all behind a pretty shower curtain

We do have a living and a dining room, as well as a fairly reasonably sized kitchen….the Living room is 8×8 and the dining room is 8×7 feet……..and we collected too much free or giveaway furniture for these two rooms. Well, we did buy four chairs and a table…….everything else in there was given to us or found by dumpster diving and reconstruction or refurbishing.

Yes, I have dumpster dived. (Can’t believe I actually admitted that) And I have picked up pieces of furniture that others were just throwing away and placed in their yards. I have also purchased items at yard and salvage sales.

It’s really amazing how much stuff a person can collect in four years time. George has even dumpster dived…….he brought me home a watering can made of tin that is ancient and pockmarked but has NO holes in it! I love the thing.

I used to think that people searching through trash dumpsters were either crazy or drunk……..whatever could they possibly find that is worthwhile?

I got a dresser, a lamp (it needed a shade), the top of a huge buffet that I converted into a desk for me, an “igloo” dog house the perfect size to cover my lawnmower (used the top only) and the base for storing lawn equipment in the lean to shed. I found an antique bottle missing a stopper,  two wicker baskets, a wire trash can and a step stool; I found at least 50 picture frames in decent condition, a wall display case and wicker shelves for the bathroom, a buffet table and a lawn chair.

free buffet, dresser, bookshelf, plastic bin, picture frames

The only expensive stuff we have purchased were the individual units I put together to make the wall to wall storage for the bedroom..and those were all less than $300.00. I would so much rather see broken and tossed things be refurbished and used than thrown into a land fill somewhere.  I rationalize the dumpster diving by thinking I am doing my own small part to save our planet.

There are a few terrific “how-to” blogs and websites about refurbishing. Go google them. Later, Alligator!




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  1. George would make a great detective.. You know, detecting things.. 🙂

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    1. He surely would! Thanks for reading and commenting. off to check out your blog now!


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