Enid avidity (sounds like a bird disease)


I am wondering if the daily prompter is ever going to come up with a greek based word instead of all these Latin derivatives? Greek has some wonderful words and I am sick of translating Latin in my head every day. I am no longer enthusiastic about Latin.

What I AM Avid about is Enid!  I have to admit that when first told to move here I rolled my eyes at Angie. I couldn’t believe she was asking us to move to Oklahoma…..Oklahoma for Pete’s sake, the land of strange Broadway songs and casinos.  ICK!  Then I visited. And fell in love with the 1950’s ambiance. And the 21st century conveniences.

Then we moved here.  Then we bought a house.  Then we started painting the house.

I started painting it last week, and even posted about it. And a neighbor just showed up and started helping us.  Yesterday, I took a break. We have gotten to the point where the painting that still needs to be done is all very high above our heads.  I can climb a ladder, but hanging in the air 25 feet above the ground for some reason terrifies me…and George has been working.

So, I took a break.  I was reading a book when the dogs alerted to strange sounds coming from right outside my window. So I got up and went outside to see what the noise was.

And I saw a total stranger up on a ladder scraping old paint off the soffit of the roof. I simply stood there for a minute.  Then I cleared my throat to get this man’s attention and said “Hi”.  He grinned down at me and said hi right back. I asked if we had met as I didn’t recognize him and he said “nope”.  I asked, “do you often go paint strangers houses for fun?”….He just kept on grinning then said, “I was bored”.

Well, I have to admit that shocked me into silence.

I just shook my head and started walking back to the front door when I realized someone was on another ladder on the other side of the house…all I could see was legs in blue jeans. So, I walked around and looked up and saw………..another stranger! I asked him what he was doing and he looked at me as if I were the crazy one and said “Painting”.

(by this point the Twilight Zone theme song was cruising through my brain)

Of course, I asked him “Why?”  And he said, “I was bored”.   Okay, I was feeling a little bit crazy about this time.  I mean who exactly goes around looking for strangers houses to paint when they are bored?

I couldn’t think of a thing to say to the man and he went back to painting, I was looking around trying to find something normal to focus on.  I was pretty sure I was either 1. dreaming or 2. stroking out or 3. hallucinating from a lack of nicotine (7 days and still struggling).

I finally looked towards the backyard and saw Lee (my neighbor) up on our tall ladder and he was painting too! What relief to see someone I knew! So I quickly walked to the back and called out, “Hey Lee?  Who are these guys painting?”.

Lee just grinned at me and said, “my friends were bored so I made them come paint”.

I think what I appreciate the most (and what flabbergasted me the most) was that a couple of men, on their day off, came to work on my house because they were bored and a friend asked them to do it.



3 thoughts on “Enid avidity (sounds like a bird disease)

  1. That is a beautiful thing.


  2. Love it. Restores faith in people, doesn’t it?


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