Meet me in St Louie, screwy

Well, that’s the last time I go to a “meet and greet”. I suppose they are wonderful if the people running them moderate, or even reply to comments. But this one?  yea, not so much. It was more about leaving your address and following everyone else that left an address. EXCEPT………..

It seemed to be a watering hole for Spamalot.  I was hoping for Camelot instead.

I have been to several M&G’s where the person hosting was on hand for the majority of the time it was going on, and there was a LOT of back and forth comments. A lot of who are you and this is me sort of discussions. People found new friends. People found new voices that inspired them. People found new writers and artists and heroes to follow.

Now, it seems the M&G’s have turned into “post and see how many followers you can get” .

The comment’s all run from “follow me and I follow you” to “come check out my blog”…Then you zip on over thinking “wow a possible new interest” and get this instead:

or this: 

UMMM, no thanks?

And the comments that occur due to following the latest M&G’s seem to say that even though I am doing a wonderful job I should hire someone to edit my stuff..or write it for me for a one time fee of 149.99.

Now, there have been some simply wonderful meet and greet’s that I have attended and all are completely spam free. Momma, Cyranny, Stephanie, Linda, Janet, Ali, Eve to mention a few………

I think I just need to avoid those M&G’s held by people I do NOT have any sort of relationship with, no matter how amorphous it seems. At least I won’t get comments like this one anymore:

” No wonder you have so many readers.
I met you on ******’s site. Maybe you can check out my blog. I offer Blogging Tips and I host 10 blogging events each month including parties like *****.”

My first thought was “so many readers”??? ME??  I have 230 followers…TOTAL. That’s including on FaceBook.  Now 230 is a heck of a lot more than I ever thought I would get for this blithering idiocy I spout, but in the vast bloggery scheme of things it is a minuscule number.  And how on Earth did they meet me on someone’s site when I haven’t a clue who that someone is????? Was I there? Did I just forget?

And honestly, everyone that reads ANY of my crap knows that George and I are on a fixed income..we had to do an online funding to repair our floor furnace for Pete’s sake! I don’t advertise on my blog so why would they think I’d want to spend $149.99 on an editor???? Heck I wouldn’t spend $1.49 on an editor.  Especially an editor that completely forgets to stick prepositions into their sentences.

I think I will stick to meets and greets where I at least know the person involved. ..unless someone has 149.99 I can have to purchase this editor/writer to get me 10000 followers by being a twit.

6 thoughts on “Meet me in St Louie, screwy

  1. LOL yeah, some people have really sucked the fun out of M&Gs…. Maybe I should steal Linda’s keys and we could crash the Cabbage Patch again, Ol’ school style!

    Firemen, Tequila, toilet paper throwing and the like….

    Would you be in? 😉


    1. I’m in! I’ll bring a nice Chardonnay, a slab of cheese and the video camera….lol


  2. I’m not nearly as enthused about blogging as I was when I first started (golly, it’s been almost 5 years). It appears to be a game where the blogger with the most likes and comments wins. I have seen some truly underhanded ploys to lure me to another’s blog only to find a sales pitch missing a bunch of vowels with improper English usage. I understand today that when I stop writing for my own fulfilment, I will do a final logout. But, there are still a handful, like Suze, who puts a smile on my face….and like Ends and Beginnings who provokes some serious thought.


    1. I write mostly for myself. There are a few I really hope to impress with my ultra-cool verbiage…YES, I can see you rolling your eyes! As am I. When the fun leaves then so shall I and my blathering will go down in history and the wispy netherlands of the blogosphere! lol


  3. It’s sad when it becomes a numbers game, writing should be for enjoyment not for likes. I think I sometimes upset people when I don’t follow them back. I never take on more than I can comfortably follow


  4. Glad to be one of the 230.


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