Art for my soul

I have an appreciation for Art that was instilled in me by my father, an artist of some renown for his portraiture.

I adore almost every style of painting, love sculpture, and would rather spend time in an art museum or be studying personal collections of art than almost anything else.

Imagine my extreme joy, if you can, upon my arrival home this afternoon to a package from an art studio!

Inside was my long awaited semi-original art of Ms. Rose Elaine!!


I had a spot in my bedroom that would be perfect for the picture and immediately set about hanging it up.

After twenty or thirty minutes of simply sitting, staring at the picture and grinning I rushed into the office to write this blog post and show off how wonderful it looks on my wall!

But mostly to say to Elaine…thank you. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. I will cherish this picture.



Do you want to see some really pretty pictures?  Go to Elaine’s blog, and check out her artwork.

1 thought on “Art for my soul

  1. You are very welcome, I am as pleased as you are to see it on your wall it looks like it was meant to be there. The thought of something that I painted now on your wall approximately 4500 thousand miles away is, as the Americans would say AWESOME



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