Fat cats

Sitting on the front porch swing I watched my two cats, Teddy and Pyewacket, wander through the yard heading towards the neighbor’s house next door.  A  crisp fresh breeze gently blew picking up leaves and swirling them through the air. I heard birdsong, smelled the perfume from my Iris and Lilies and my first cup of coffee. The day began gloriously.

I turned around to see what the problem was when I heard Pyewacket meow loudly.


It seemed he was at the neighbor’s front door and asking for something.  Her door opened and Brenda stepped out onto her front porch.  She leaned over and placed something on the ground in front of Pye and Teddy.


And they sat down and ate.  It seems that my two cats, who are extremely well-fed at home, wander from neighbor to neighbor each morning for breakfast.

My cats are moochers!

I sat in bemusement watching them finish their meal then, in unison walk across the street to Sue’s house…where they ate a third meal.  Then walked down the block to Sallie’s house for a fourth..then to Leslie’s for a fifth!

These two cats, having had five breakfasts,  wandered home and meowed loudly at George signaling they wanted a meal. No wonder they are fat!

5 thoughts on “Fat cats

  1. the smartest cats in the world, adorable


  2. haha gotta love ’em! They sure are resourceful at getting what they want! 🙂


    1. my guys just kill me! one sits politely, the other stands up at the front door and announces their arrival!


  3. I like to rub their big bellies.


  4. I had a cat that would disappear for days and then come back looking fine. One day he came home wearing a flea collar! I put his name and my phone number on it and the next time he wandered off I got a call. Seems he would visit another house a few blocks away and make himself at home for awhile. We shared him for a few years then he got too old to wander far and stayed with me.


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