Taper that paper if you please

Taper that paper, angle that tape…grab that pig before it escapes. Obviously, I am at a complete loss how to deal with the daily prompt…oh, my mind is going in all sorts of directions.  The problem is settling down to one definition of the blasted word taper. 

Dratted English strikes again.  The language is so rich, so beautiful..then we go and do something stupid with it…like give one word 47 bazillion meanings and 31 gazillion pronunciations just to muck about with our minds.

So are we talking..



Or did the prompter misspell the dratted word and we are to speak of animals?

Cause, I just have to say….none of these things interest me this morning.

It is a gorgeous day..fluffy clouds floating by, brilliant blue skies. I want nothing more than to veg out on my front porch swing sipping sweet tea and possibly reading a book.

I want to read Aidan J. Reid’s book again…Pathfinders.  I suppose I could read Sigil again but I just read it a few weeks ago for the second time and I think it is too soon. Pathfinders was the first book of Aidan’s I read and I fell in thrall with his protagonist, Norman.  Gotta love a book with the main character named Norman.

Well, I never thought this would turn into a commercial for another blogger, but there ya have it…the mind of Suze on a pretty day.





all photos from google images

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