And the violence escalates

Steve Scalise: Reuters

What I have secretly been thinking was inevitable has happened. There has been a shooting in Alexandria, Virginia this morning and the targets were Republican leaders.

I have been wondering when the violence would escalate. Would it be a shooting? A stabbing? An Assassination attempt? A bombing?

Would it be a homegrown terrorist attack or a single player?  Would those on either side start in on specific religious groups?  or would they wait for Law enforcement to divulge the name and background of the perpetrator prior to the talking heads expounding on the “whys”.

The shooting occurred a block away from my first apartment. It happened at a baseball field where I watched a semi-pro team play each weekend for two years. I still have friends that live across the street from the park.

It is a miracle that more people were not injured or killed by the shooter this morning. Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip, was shot in the hip.

At this moment in time, Mr. Scalise is in surgery and is in “stable” condition.

Where is this going to end?



3 thoughts on “And the violence escalates

  1. Very disturbing and sad.


  2. Unfortunate. The current state of the polity is worrisome.


  3. Howdy Suze!

    I feel ya as the kids say. These are very distressing times. Unfortunately, violence is contagious. And the chief contagion is squatting in the White House. As I’ve been saying since November, we’re fucked.



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