This old house is my “Money Pit”

In an old house, you learn very quickly that it ALWAYS has repairs needed.  Some far more important than others, but the list is never-ending.  George and I have been in our home now for almost three years. When we first moved in the repair list was unimaginably long and it seemed as if we would never be able to complete it.

We started by working on things that were possibly life-threatening first….you know, stuff like knob and tube electric.  Yea, we had managed to buy a house that LOOKED like it had been upgraded sometime in the 1950’s, but it turned out a new electrical fuse box was added to the house and none of the wiring was redone. 

So, the first thing we did was have the whole house rewired.  There went our entire savings. The total cost was somewhere around $2500. We had hoped (silly us) that would be the last big expense for a while.

Next came the plumbing, which decided to back up from the sewer lines to our bathtub.  Can you say GROSS?  We sure could.  Then after the danged plumbing came a few floors, some bedroom remodeling, the kitchen plumbing remodeled and finally we painted the whole outside.

yes, that is me painting the house!

Except, one of the support beams for the front porch was termite-ridden and we had to tear it down and replace it.  We finally got that done this morning!

I forgot to put up the ladder when I was through.

We have also been slowly screening in the front porch with plans to add a double screen door to the entry.  Except, we needed to add support posts to the entryway for the doors to hang on. For some reason, custom doors are really, REALLY expensive and besides a screen door measuring 64 inches wide is just stupid. So, we had to figure out how to add two posts.


The first thing I did was tear off the pretty trim around the existing side posts…and discovered that each post was resting against a six-inch wide square. Since I didn’t want to saw the dad-blasted square and probably saw through the support beam we had to add a 2×4 instead of a 4×4 post.  So…I jerry-rigged a support.

support beam for porch screen doors

Now all I need to do is find the energy to actually attach the posts to the support and attach the screen doors.

I figure I will be rested enough to finish next month.






9 thoughts on “This old house is my “Money Pit”

  1. Are your sure I didn’t write this post? 😀 Same thing happening in my house. I wake up every day wondering what I will find to fix next 🙂
    I like the new tropical theme.


    1. typo That should be Are you sure 🙂


      1. I didn’t even NOTICE that sneaky typo until you posted this! lol…aged eyeballs I guess! ;D


    2. thanks, and Noooooo, I am pretty darned sure my house is still above water so I must have written it myself! lol


  2. Wow that’s a challenge


  3. Your home improvement projects are coming along great! Such hard work, but the results are impressive. Glad you got the wiring taken care of! (p.s. did you change your blog? I can’t find a ‘like’ button!)


    1. yes, I changed the theme. The like button is hanging around somewhere…I think. or I could have deleted it when I added the reblog feature. This is ME, what do I know about blogs? lol


  4. I bet Old George thinks you’re pretty handy to have around!!!


    1. George is nursing. There is no way on God’s green Earth that i will let him touch a power tool! lol


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