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Yep. I did it. I actually “grew up” a bit as it pertains to my blog.  I know…I can hardly believe it myself! But here’s the proof!

doug savage

My friend, Danny, over at Dream Big, Dream Often wanted to know where my “reblog” button was hiding. THAT started the evolution to semi-adulthood for my blog. You see, I didn’t HAVE a reblog button anywhere.  I searched for one. I looked in the widget area, the comments section, the settings…everywhere I could possibly search for one I searched. It was only after Danny sent me detailed email instructions on how to locate it that I realized I simply didn’t have one.

That meant I had to download something that would work. UH OH….me and computer stuff don’t mix very well. But, I figured no gain without mental pain and started searching.

Turns out there isn’t any widget that was compatible with my previous theme.

Now, I loved my theme. It actually looked like a photo of the inside of my brain…well not the actual REAL brain but the stuff that goes on inside my brain. That was about as clear as mud wasn’t it? I KNEW I should have stopped talking two minutes ago!

Anywhoooo, I changed out themes so I could reblog stuff and people could reblog me….but I still didn’t have a button for it because I have a self-hosted site and do not use the WP editor…i just rent here. So that meant:

  1. new theme
  2. new widget that works with new theme
  3. NO breaking the blog!

After four or five non-stop hours of fudging around with this electronic monster of a puter I own, I finally found a theme I liked and a widget that would do what I wanted. AND it worked!


Turns out I also deleted my like button. So I reinstalled it and went on my merry way until I was told by another blogger that my like button disappeared. so, it was back to mucking about in the bowels of my blog again.

Once again the button was not compatible with the theme, so I had to get another one.  It took forever to find and download one….BUT, it is now completed, and tested….and it all works!

Today should be forever called: Suze’s computer repair without atomic accidents day.

6 thoughts on “a grown up blog for an obsolete child

  1. Wow Madame Suze… What a day, uh?? Well congrats on your (unexpected?) success with changing your blog 🙂 I noticed you even have a “dislike” button too now? I doubt I’ll ever use that one, but I am kind of jealous now 😛

    Nahhh I don’t do jealous.



    1. I like the dislike button. that way I will know beyond a shadow of a doubt when I write sumthin yucky! lol


  2. But now I don’t see a “like” button for the comments, at least there is one for the post, which I definitely like, lol!


    1. kim, kim, kim……i can only be so much of an adult before the kid in my brain takes over……


  3. Love the new theme by the way, you know I’m a beachy kind of gal!


    1. yea…this one is called seasons (I think) and there is a new background for each season of the year. I actually like it better than my previous one. It looks cleaner and less crowded to me. I am probably hallucinating though from the like/dislike button kerfuffle!


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