As odd as it may sound…………

As odd as it may sound, there are quite a lot of things I adore….about being poor. For we are. Poor that is. George works, and he makes a living wage…but it is a part-time job.  I receive my Social Security…all 400 dollars of it, each month, and it helps. But the lack of money has made us frugal in ways I never would have imagined.

We chose an old house in need of repair. We could pay off the mortgage in less than five years, just in time for George to retire from work completely and with his Social Security we would have exactly the same amount of money each month minus the mortgage payment. We have just enough that we can make several small repairs and one major repair each year.

Now, granted, some of the repairs or “upgrades” are jerry-rigged and would never be approved by a person of higher status or income.  For example..I wanted the front porch screened in. It will cut down on bugs annoying me and provide shade. It also gives us a safe place in the front in which to let our dogs roam…or it will as soon as we have screen doors.

The screen I priced at several local lumber yards was too pricey so I had to create a “screen” myself.  We had purchased a screen house…one of those metal posts with a canvas cover and screened sides things. Well, the first wind blew and that screen house collapsed into a bazillion pieces.  We recycled the metal posts but I just couldn’t part with the screen. What if I needed it for something?  So it sat, all wadded up, in the backyard shed for almost two years.

Then the grand idea of a screened in porch flitted into my head.  I could cut down the canvas sections and affix the screen somehow to the porch posts!  Now, it looks fine from the outside….it’s just a little odd on the inside. I ended up stapling the netting up to each post.  I have to add two posts to support the screen doors (when I get them). Another weekend and I will have the new porch posts attached as a framework for the screen doors. But it is coming together and the neighbors are all enthralled watching the changes as they occur.

I like having a veg garden. I like the planting, then watching as my food grows.  I like canning and making pickles and jams. I like knowing I am providing good food without any pesticides and saving a bundle on groceries.

I also like that I have no insurance..medical that is.  I can use the free clinic downtown and get my meds there. I have diabetes counseling for free. I see the diabetes nurse…again for free every single month. I get free dental care twice a year, and I got a voucher for an eye exam with a huge discount. Glasses can be purchased for $6.95.  I just ordered bifocal sunglasses and will only have to pay $21.00 for them instead of the $327.00 that insurance made me pay ten years ago.

I LIKE going to the food bank. It is as much a social visit as it is a grocery stop.  Yes, we have to wait in line for several hours to get inside, BUT, I have met so many wonderful and fascinating people while I wait. 

I think by knowing I have only a certain (small) amount of expendable income to use makes me far more creative in solving the problems and situations that come with just living.

3 thoughts on “As odd as it may sound…………

  1. Suze, “Ends and Beginnings” blog turned me on to Richard Rohr’s writings. He’s a Franciscan who embraces voluntary poverty. You may like his stuff as much as I do.


    1. thanks for the link…off to check it out! 😀


    2. I seem to be a Franciscan without realizing it..of course I am also Muslim…and Buddhist…


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