Simply by moving 500 miles………

There’s a new blossom in my garden this morning. The aubergine has finally decided to attempt a new fruit. I was never able to grow them in Texas. It was always too hot and dry for such a plant to grow and produce.

It simply amazes me at times how many things are better here.  Simply by moving 500 miles north I have a garden that is producing food.

I tried for years (nearly twenty of them) in Texas and all I ever got for all my work was two cucumbers and a handful of garden peas. I’d water and weed religiously, yet nothing would grow. It seemed the heat went from perfect in planting season to hotter than Hades during the growth season with a dash of hail and thunderstorms to beat my garden senseless in between.

I have such feelings of gratitude and joy every day now.  I only have to step foot into the back yard where my garden grows and look upon the fruits of my labor.

2 thoughts on “Simply by moving 500 miles………

  1. Gardening is one of the things I miss the most from my early years in Penna. It’s soul work.


    1. I find that spending ten minutes every day outside with the garden takes away all my stress.


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