horrible mornings

loop a rope around this prompt and drag it out of here. I don’t want to think about it anymore. I can’t come up with a single thing o say about the word “loop”.

Had a horrible morning. Woke up to find the toilet completely clogged and spent three hours trying to unplug and snake it.  The snake only went so far before it was jammed up against something. I finally had to (gag, cough, gag) reach down in there to see if I could grab hold of the obstruction.

It was a duck. Yes, I said a duck. Not an alive duck..my dog Gunnar’s sleeping toy duck…. well, the duck doesn’t sleep, it is a stuffed animal. Gunnar sleeps with the duck.  SHEESH!

It seems from what I can piece together considering the dogs don’t speak English…is that Dasher was jealous of Gunnar for having a duck. Now Dasher has 47 bazillion toys and Gunnar has a duck…but Dasher has been acting the fool with this duck for a week. He keeps grabbing it away from Gunnar and hiding it in another room. Then Gunnar, who has no clue, whines, and searches for his duck,…I am pretty sure Dasher threw it into the toilet last night.  And some idiot flushed without looking…yea, wasn’t me.

George did admit to flushing but said, “why would I even LOOK for a duck in the toilet, Suze?”

Okay, so that is a really good point. Normally there are no stuffed ducks in the toilet.

Gunnar is now pouting because

1. I threw away the duck and,

2. Dasher has toys and Gunnar doesn’t.

So, I guess now I need to go buy another duck.

it’s always something…………….


8 thoughts on “horrible mornings

  1. So, Suze…….Dasher knows how to flush the toilet…….and he didn’t look???? You CERTAINLY were not referring to George, were you? It gets better. I found last night’s leftover lasagna (supposed to go in the fridge) in the cupboard above the fridge……no, it wasn’t me….must have been one of the cats. Isn’t life grand?


    1. I love it….George swears he is going to get Dasher on video flushing the toilet! And you really have to watch cats…they are not only sneaky but they blame the dogs!


  2. First of all I was gagging reading this, then I was was laughing at the unbelievable story, oh my days you definitely do not have a boring life


    1. Oh believe me, I have been gagging all day! What a great way to lose weight! and it is days like this one that make me wish for boring….sigh.


  3. I am sorry that you had such a ruff morning but I hope that you found a reason to smile today. If you haven’t then I insist you look around until you do find something. I love your writing and I felt like I was the one that found the duck. (last time we dug around a clogged toilet It was a spatula from my daughters kitchen, which did, in fact, get tossed.)


    1. oh, it got better…I made the hubby scrub out the entire bathroom after I finally found that blasted duck….I took the dogs to the dog park and treated them to McDonalds….I figure it was the hubby’s fault for not looking. lol


  4. I’m glad I hit your site to leave a comment because I got to see the rest of the story. I was about to say, you must be ill, not being able to think of a thing to say, that’s not you! How’s the smoking going? I’m rooting for you. As far as the animal toys are concerned, you could invest in a lock on the toilet. They have then for toddlers. I can see it now, no, maybe not. Anyway, good luck with the animals. I like George.


    1. Smoking…down to six rotten cigs a day…. tomorrow I cut out two more……….eventually it will be one a day…………then if I can’t totally stop my best friend Angie has permission to bonk me on the head with my granny’s iron frying pan!


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