the wheels are turning but the hamster died.

wheel?  Nope…didn’t muck about with wheels today unless one counts the dad-blasted washer I had to replace in the bathtub faucet.  It was wheel like. Well, originally it was wheel-like. What I had to replace was more like…garden mulch.  It had completely dissolved into rubber mulch. Can we all say “OH GROSS!”. I should have been a plumber instead of a drug  counselor…the pay has to be better at least.

So…what DID I do today?  I am so glad you asked!

I finished my screened in front porch complete with doors! WOOT! 

I am still waiting for the delivery of my brand new “antique” door knobs…….so it doesn’t have a knob yet but other than that, I think I did a darned good job! What?  You want to know what George did?

George?  well, yea he “helped”. He held the 4×4 posts as I cut them to size, and he painted the screen doors.  Otherwise, all that you see there on that porch is an addition I made!

2 thoughts on “the wheels are turning but the hamster died.

  1. Looks very nice Suze, good job!!


  2. great screen doors. love it


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