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This song brings back so many memories. I was almost 13 and in love for the very first time. Shephard Phillips, the boy right across the street had said “good morning” to me for the first time. He was 16 and graduating in a month or two..and had already signed up for the Marines.

Shep was sitting outside on the neighborhood picnic table, reading a book of sonnets. (yes, we actually read poetry back then). I sat next to him, my heart in my throat hoping he’d say something….anything. He winked when I finally looked up and said just “good morning”………….and I was a goner. I blushed scarlet and stammered out something or other hoping all the while I didn’t look too stupid…too young…too needy.

He actually started to talk about how excited he was to join the Marines…and said he was looking forward to “protecting the country”.

He ruffled my hair as he got up, said “see ya later short stuff” and went into his house.

That week was playing this song over and over again and dreaming about when Shephard would come back outside again.

The week Shep graduated he was off to Parris Island…eight weeks later he was shipped to Viet Nam. I never saw Shep again.

He came home about six weeks after he went in country.  My parents went to his funeral. I just couldn’t. I felt as if my heart would never mend from the break of knowing Shep was forever gone.

I haven’t thought of Shephard Phillips in over 40 years. This song brought him back to me for just a moment.

What songs instantly place you back for a moment in your memories?

7 thoughts on “song memories

  1. This is truly a beautiful story and it made me feel so many emotions. I love how descriptive you were and I’m sorry the Shephard passed away seems like you really loved him! ❤️


    1. he was my very first crush…


  2. For some reason the songs that take me to another place are from the Vietnam era. “PAINTED BLACK” Nice post, Suze


    1. I wonder why that is? The ones that touch me the most..that bring back the most memories, both good and bad..are from the war years.


      1. Those years were filled with intense passion against the war… was our vehicle


  3. I hope his memory brought back pleasant thoughts too. As for me, I just started crying reading this.


  4. That is so touching and so heartbreaking too. I think music is essential for keeping memories alive and believe that more of it should be played to people in their advancing years when they start to lose their short-term memories and dwell more on the past.
    I wrote a post about music and the joy it has brought to me whilst travelling throughout the years. Have a read if you have time:


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