Adding Alligators to the swamp

I took a week off from blogging in order to allow my brain time to decompress………..I thought that taking a week away from news, snark and politics as usual would somehow allow me to focus more clearly on the truly important stuff.

M Gonzales, API

And the idiots in Congress and the White House simply refused to behave themselves so I could accomplish my goal of finding peace.

I am beginning to think it is a giant conspiracy to keep the Suze as mad as possible so I either lose my mind or stroke out.  I was trying, without success, to be a passenger on this imaginary flight to  Nirvana.

I refused to turn on the radio station blaring about politics… television commentary on how deplorable the deplorables are being.  AND STILL the alligators in the Swamp forced themselves into my consciousness.

Once again our highest ranking “politician” is speaking like a fool….twitting on about blood and women in the same tweet….enraging a good half of the Nation.  Once again the focus has swerved from the truly important to the salacious.  I suppose salacious sells more papers, sells more advertising…but COME ON! Everyone on the planet knows the Cheeto-in-chief is a sexist, bigoted, disgusting PIG of a man. We need to all focus on what impacts each of us……..that would be the Healthcare Bill…or as we snowflakes like to call it…the tax break to end all tax breaks for the 1%.

Secondarily, yet just as important, is the attack on voter rights. In requesting the voter rolls from each state the Trump machine has gone too far.  This after the Congress decided to defund the ONLY agency that ensures voting machines are not hacked, and the DOJ informed each State that they are reviewing voter list maintenance procedures. These two things should send thoughts of voter suppression screaming through each citizen’s brain. 

I grew up in the south where voter suppression wasn’t was blatant! Blacks were strongly discouraged from voting, from even registering to vote. Young black men were beaten in plain sight as a “warning” they were not to attempt to vote. Anyone “stupid enough” to register Southern blacks was also beaten…..or worse.

Now we have the White House creating a “commission on Voter Integrity” and Congress gerrymandering districts with clear intent to disenfranchise entire groups of people based on race.

It now looks as if Mr. McConnell and his minions are having to rework some of their faulty plans, but leaving it entirely in the hands of multi-millionaires that have proven they do not give a damn about the average American is not in our best interest.

They think the tax breaks for bazillionaires just aren’t big enough…not enough of the “poor and lazy” (Mr. Ryan in an aside to Mr. McConnell) will die from their coverage being denied.

They are having difficulty with keeping those pesky Democrats from reading the changes to the bill before they are ready to control the vote.


They are having to get the Capital police to arrest those pesky constituents that keep clogging up the hallways in front of their offices.

They can’t do their jobs because of all the annoyances of people wanting them to actually FOLLOW the LAW…..and my God, they are appalled that we are demanding they actually FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION! What nerve! What gall! How dare we?

We dare because we are children of the sixties. We have been through this sort of nonsense before and we remember.  Sometimes all it takes to change the status quo is to be the one person willing to stand and say “NO MORE”.  Are you willing to take a stand? Are you willing to resist?




4 thoughts on “Adding Alligators to the swamp

  1. As we said in the seventies, RIGHT ON, Suzy!


  2. Hey Suze, welcome back. I was worried about you. We can’t escape it. You and I must keep on posting about the imbecility that we call POTUS 45 and his cronies. They are undoubtedly the alligators left in the drained swamp. It is probable that you nor I will lead the revolt, but, maybe one of our readers will spark the revolution. See ya at the protest. I’m reblogging this to Gabby’s


    1. Thanks Larry. The more I tried to ignore it this week, the more it was shoved down my throat..altho, I did attend two demonstrations downtown OKC and danged near got arrested for trying to speak with a state senator………just like the good old days!


      1. atta girl, Suze. give em hell


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