alphabet soup challenge…the letter D

Alphabet Soup Challenge

Objective: To encourage daily blogging


1) Use each letter in the alphabet to inspire a story, memory, occasion, poem, recipe, blog, photo or any other post of your choice. You can make up your own words or use these ones.

2) Words need not be in alphabetical order, as long as you use every letter of the alphabet by the end of the challenge

3) Link each post to 

4) Challenge others by sharing


***There is no specific timeline. Start whenever you want and try to post every day***

So here we are…day two and the letter is D.

D is for Dagnabit!  D is for Drama.  D is for Donald…not the idiot Cheeto-in-chief, but the quacking variety of Donald.

When I woke up this morning it was to the scratchy whiny sound of Donald Duck.  Yes, my husband has discovered old cartoons on Youtube and is now blessing me with the noise I was so GRATEFUL had disappeared once the boys were grown and gone.

How would YOU like to wake up to this in the morning??????

1 thought on “alphabet soup challenge…the letter D

  1. Heh heh heh, maybe he was encouraged by the, wassacally wabbit!


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