Cee’s share your world, July 3, 2017

Monday and Cee’s share your world are now completely synonymous in my head. Try it for yourself and you will soon start thinking the same!

share your world challenge

For your main meal do you prefer sweet and sour, hot and spicy, spicy and sweet, bitter, salty, bland or other? good grief! I wasn’t even aware there were that many categories until this question popped up! I think I will stick with “other”…no idea what it is and no one else can say whatever it is isn’t! HA! Take THAT, Cee!

Where do you hide junk when people come over? Junk?  People hide JUNK?  Why HIDE anything?  Are these people coming to visit me or the house?If they are coming for the house they should see house junk I suppose…isn’t that a part of why they came over? And if they are here to see me…well, I am not junk so why should I be hiding anything? This question really serves no purpose other than to confuse me. First of all, George is the junk owner with all his parts of models and model trains all over the place. I collect memorabilia and china.  nothing I OWN is junk, and even if it was…my friends would not give a damn.



What daily habit would you like to introduce to your life?  WHAT????????????????  Okay….once again this has me confused.  Why in hades would I want a new HABIT? Habits are not really good for a person and it is taking every ounce of character and strength I now have to kick the blasted smoking habit! Invite a NEW one into my life?  No way in heck! It has taken me a good seven weeks to cut back to three or four cigs a day….as opposed to the two packs I did SO ENJOY! Yea….I STILL want to smoke. I keep taking it back from my higher power instead of doing what I know is correct. 

If you were to perform in the circus, what would you do?  Well, this is weird…because I did…..I mean the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey was having a reading contest in which I signed my town library for participation and I went to clown college…then performed for the kids in the summer reading program along with four other ‘real” clowns. I would have rather ridden an elephant or a pretty horse.


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  1. That does not surprise me one bit!


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