Soup is getting old..can I have stew instead?

Alphabet soup challenge

Objective: To encourage daily blogging


1) Use each letter in the alphabet to inspire a story, memory, occasion, poem, recipe, blog, photo or any other post of your choice. You can make up your own words or use these ones.

2) Words need not be in alphabetical order, as long as you use every letter of the alphabet by the end of the challenge

3) Link each post to 

4) Challenge others by sharing


***There is no specific timeline. Start whenever you want and try to post every day***

OK, so I like challenges…I do. I certainly try enough of them that the majority of my readers now roll their eyes whenever I start one.  They know, as do I, that rules were made to be broken and it rarely takes me very long to start breaking any I think are:

  1. dumb,
  2. stupid,
  3. un-necessary

Well, it only took four posts and I now think I should be able to post whenever I bloody well feel like it and not in any speciofic time period.  So, while I am making the attempt to complete this challenge appropriately, I am going to post whenever I feel like it instead of daily. The fact that it is designed to be done daily is utterly besides the point.

AND, if I want to use the same letter 19 times then I am bloody well going to do so.

ANDDDDDDDD, I am not apologising to my friends from the British Isles for saying “bloody”.  After all, it is far less of a cuss word than some I could be using.

So, this is post 2 (TWO)  (Dos) (Duo) (Shnayim)…………………

anddddddd, I have no blasted idea what letter is going to be the starting letter of whatever drivel I write about!  Maybe it should be B…since I have so many bloody’s and blasted’s in here already……did I do B yet?  Of course I did…in the post prior to this one written just an hour or so ago! Blast and Botheration! B would have been perfect!

I know! I can do T! wait………..did that already!  There has to be another letter that interests me……….then D………..except…………….foiled again! I already did that letter too!

Maybe some random word game will help me find a subject….sooooooo, I will just blurt out words until something catches my fancy and a post emerges!








oh dear…………..this isn’t helping at all, is it?

Since this post has become an obvious nothing of a post, I am choosing Z as the letter and Zero as the word to be focused upon! Yep Zero…………as in nothing, nada, zilch………………..nope!  As in Zero Mostel!



4 thoughts on “Soup is getting old..can I have stew instead?

  1. Dagnabit! A nice d word. Have you heard the UK version of cool? It is cushty.


    1. ohhhhhhhh I LIKE cushty! I think I am going to start using that in my daily conversations and watch how people react to it! lol


  2. I like how you break the rules, and try all the challenges in the way you want to! Keep on posting, ’cause you make me laugh/smile/giggle/snort/think/…and I like the word popinjay…don’t know what it is, but I like it! 🙂


    1. popinjay: a pompous, vain and conceited person who dresses extravagantly in order to gain attention…..


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