Why I resigned from the NRA

I have to admit,…up until this morning when I saw a particularly virulent advertisement for the NRA, I was a lifetime member, and proud of it. I am not so tethered to the past that I fail to see the truth…and respond.  They have a resignation letter from me today.

I was raised with guns. I learned to shoot as a child. Before I was ever allowed to touch a firearm, I had to demonstrate I understood how to safely store one so people would not be injured. I had to learn to clean and care for one prior to a single shot. Gun safety was pushed and pushed until we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was a privilege not to be taken lightly.  We never once thought it was our “right” to use a firearm. After all, we were individuals, not a military group.

My father presented me with a lifetime membership on my 16th birthday, and I have used that membership to teach my own children about gun safety, and the responsible use of firearms.

BUT, this Association, that once held a place of pride in my life has gone far too far with an advertisement that advocates violence.  There is an “us versus them” mentality to the ad that disgusts me. It is dark. It is gritty and frightening.  It is completely beyond the pale so far as I am concerned.

I have advocated for responsible gun ownership in the past. I have advocated for reasonable gun control.

I am absolutely positive that not a single citizen of this country has a need for semi-automatics that are designed for military use.  A rifle is all that is necessary for hunting.  A pistol is all that is necessary for anyone wishing to “protect their home and family” from those imagined invaders.  No one needs a clip capable of holding more than a few bullets unless they are the police or military. Anyone that says differently is being irresponsible in my opinion.

Frankly, a baseball bat or a golf club is better to have in the case of a “home invasion” as the average gun owner does not have the emotional bent to refrain from shooting at anything that moves.

So, this morning I resigned my membership. I told the NRA exactly why I had done so. I told them that this ad is disgusting, immoral, and is in no way representative of responsible gun owners.

5 thoughts on “Why I resigned from the NRA

  1. Suze, I reblogged this on Gabby’s Place. This is absolutely the most incendiary piece of garbage to spew out of the NRA and needs the attention of folks like you and I. They have gone over the line. Thank you.


  2. Thanks for resigning, sending a letter, and posting this. I had seen this but didn’t do anything about it. WY has a lot of “cowboys” who believe this and it is frightening.


    1. Oklahoma is moving towards the more liberal side but very slowly. the states that truly worry me are Texas, and those Rocky Mountain states.


  3. I thought that ad was bull snot as well. Coupled with their silence on Castille, I find it hard to give them the benefit of the doubt any longer. They only care about the second amendment rights of white conservatives and the profits of gun manufacturers. I am glad I never joined them.


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