Alphabet soup challenge…C

C is for computer…of which I have one….of which I completely am at a loss as to what I am supposed to be doing to it….

I received a long message in my editor notes section that essentially says “fix me”, but it is in computereez and I don’t speak it. I forwarded it on to the geekette but dunno if she has even seen the message yet.

C is also for CoCola which I am dying for right this minute.

C could be for my little brother Charlie, but it isn’t. Instead, it is more likely for Cyranny of freezingland…she means more to me actually than my idiot of a brother.

C is for cauliflower which I will never again be forced to eat…not fried, not baked, not boiled and covered with cheese…….nope, it’s on the Suze’s endangered veggie list.

C is for cafeteria food…specifically the food that never again will pass my lips.

C is for , the lovely one who thought up this watery challenge………

C is for China…… I found a china jar that matches a couple of bowls of mine and it cost all of 50 cents at a yard sale.

C is for a term that shall remain nameless, at least in my G rated blog………….yes, It is sexual and yes, everyone does do it then lies about it!

That’s it….I am sick of C stuff now. MaybeI can come up with a different letter that will produce intelligent discussion tomorrow….but I doubt it.


2 thoughts on “Alphabet soup challenge…C

  1. I can’t drink fizzy beverages anymore, but if I see a Coke in its commercial, the cravings still there.


  2. I adore cauliflower hmmm, fizzy drinks


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