Alphabet Soup challenge: G

Alphabet Soup Challenge: Letter G

I just want to brag a bit and this seemed like the perfect spot to do it.  G is for George. My soul-mate, my best friend, and my husband.

George with Gunnar

George and I met in the fourth grade. He sat one row over and two seats before me in the class.  His family had just moved to our hometown from Heidelburg, Germany.  George’s dad was in the US Army and had been stationed overseas when George was only a few months old…and the family followed Dad over.

George grew up speaking German first and English second, and at times (like when he is upset, angry or frustrated) he lapses back into German.  It makes for an interesting relationship as I know only one or two words in German.

“Mein Gott, Suze!” and ” Gott in Himmel, Suze” are two of the phrases I seem to hear most often……..I think of them as little love remarks. It just makes things easier if I do.

George became a registered nurse and served with the U.S. Army Nurse Corps for almost twenty years.  He is dedicated, compassionate and kind..he is also one of the best at placing IV’s so the patient feels nothing but a tiny pinch.  George is to “go to” guy when it comes to “sticking” a patient that is difficult…such as a tiny baby or an elderly person.  I have seen him start an IV in an infant and the baby never cried.  That’s pretty danged good if ya ask me!

George is the kind of guy that never takes off work until he forced into it.  He is steady and reliable and his bosses always call him first if they need a replacement nurse on the schedule.

These last three years (since our move to Enid) George has finally learned that there is more to life than just working hard.  He now is happy to schedule a few days off every six months or so to just take a break and recharge his emotional energy….and when he does take time off he likes the simple things.

A day at the lake or a park.  A couple of days camping with friends.  Digging for crystals in a state park. Or just staying home and playing with the dogs…or jangling a string for the cats.

George isn’t at all handy with tools, such as hammer or screwdriver…but he is secure enough that he encourages me in the household repairs. He’s even bragged that I can wire a house or do basic plumbing repairs when he hasn’t a clue how to go about it.

I’m just so darned lucky that even after all these years together the man adores me….as I do him.

6 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup challenge: G

  1. fortunately human July 8, 2017 — 11:46 am

    That is so beautiful….great….one paragraph just got repeated….may be out of excitement….


    1. wp has been doing that lately and I can not figure out why.


  2. Aww Susan you have a good one there ❤️ John ‘s dad was in the army in Germany based in Minden, he went to school there for three years and he can say and read some German, he told me what George says to you in English


    1. lol….i really do not want to know what he means….ignorance is surely bliss when i annoy or frustrate him! lol


  3. You have every reason to brag … George is definitely one of the good ones as are you, my friend. ❤


    1. awwwwwwww, thanks girl!


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