Alphabet Soup Challenge: P

Well, I have finally made in into the new Millenium………yes, I broke down and bought an I-PhoneI have had the same flip cell phone for the past fifteen years.  I just changed out the duct tape ‘cover’ every year or so. 

But yesterday’s events were ridiculous enough that I finally decided it was time to upgrade to a device made in this century.

my buried phone

Yes, my sweet little dog, Gunnar, knows the ringtone of my best friend Angie.  And he steals the phone when I leave it on a table low enough for him to reach it.

Yesterday, I suppose in frustration from having no opposable thumbs so he could answer, he buried the phone in my garden between the Brussel Sprouts and the Jalapenos.

The phone had enough dirt embedded in it that I had no choice but to make a new phone purchase.  His mouth isn’t big enough to hold an I-Phone….I know. I tested it!

I figure an I-phone is safe from burial as his mouth isn’t big enough to hold one….I know. I tested it with George’s phone!

4 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup Challenge: P

  1. Yea!! Glad he made you get technical with the rest of us, lol!!


    1. I am so NOT pleased! Now, I have to learn how to text as my children never actually pick up a phone…i LIKED making phone covers out of pretty duct tape..i could have a “different’ phone every six months…and the duct tape provided the added benefit of holding the battery inside the phone!


  2. As I had said to someone earlier, you had me right up until the end….when you wrote you tested it……of COURSE it was George’s phone!‍♀️


    1. well yea I used George’s phone! Not about to let the dog try to carry my new one1 rofl


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