Savage children

When we were young, my Mother would often yell at us to “behave like humans instead of savages“.  None of us actually knew what the word meant at the time so it was impossible to know how we were to actually behave.

As we grew older and our vocabulary improved, we would find that comment of hers baffling.  We didn’t act like savages…..well, tying my baby brother Charlie to a train track and forgetting he was there was probably savage, but other than that………..Okay, in all honesty, I was the savage. There were at least twenty times that I can recall where my brother’s life was on the line.

I tied a towel around his neck, made him climb into the loft of the barn and “fly” out of the window.  he gained a broken leg and dislocated shoulder…and I thought for a few minutes I had killed him.

I tied him to the Railroad tracks and left him as I went off to play.

I shoved him into an open septic tank.

I ran over him with my Barbie dream car…it was the pedal pushing car a kid can ride in……

I hit him in the head (I still swear it was accidental) with a baseball that I was throwing to Randy (my best friend and trouble buddy).

I strung him by his feet to a tree limb and left him hanging upside down.

I stranded him in our tree house by stealing the rope ladder.

As I look back, as George and I did just this morning, to the things I did as a child I am frankly amazed that my brother and I survived childhood.

Mostly I am surprised that Charlie still likes me!


9 thoughts on “Savage children

  1. What a savage!!!!!


    1. yep…….I must admit, I liked being one. lol


  2. How awful you were to your poor brother! Yes, you are one lucky girl that he even talks to you still, lol. Did he do stuff like that to you??


    1. Nope…Charlie was the sweet brother. He never did anything except follow me around. My older brother was the savage to me…lol


  3. Good heavens. Define savage again? Maybe your mother was right??


    1. I wasn’t as bad as my older brother…..of course, bad is a relative term. I was pretty awful.


  4. Wow. I have to agree with your last line; that was some pretty crazy stuff.


  5. yeah I can identify that we did horrible things to our siblings, in the end they were never harmed and there is no hate…..


  6. We were savage too! Ran wild in the urban jungle of Bombay and never thought about anything. A happy state of mind, if you can call it a mind. I will add the point of view of a younger sibling: I was proud of every bruise, cut, bump and scrape that I got out of all our wild games, they were badges of honour. Never was tied to a railtrack though!


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