It’s so hot the birds are wilted…….

It’s almost too hot to do anything outside today.  It was a gorgeous morning…soft breezes blowing, sunshine everywhere……then the day came on like it was trying to burn the earth.  It’s 105 degrees out and humid now….the cats are all hanging out inside the house..the dogs are simply lying on the floor panting..even the poor little birds outside look wilted..

Of course, I am ignoring it all as much as possible.  You need grit to live in the plains during summertime.

I made a bird bath for the yard and started clearing a space in the garden for it. Now it is upside down so it looks odd, but I betya it’ll look great once the birds can use it.

I have wanted one for ages, but can’t afford the price ticket on them…so I thought “I’ll just make my own”.

I found a ceramic tray at a local thrift shop…and a large chinese-looking vase at an another.  I spray painted the base of the tray to coordinate with the vase.  Then glued the vase to the tray………

Now I am simply waiting for the glue to dry so I can set it into my garden. As hot as it is outside, it shouldn’t take too long.


2 thoughts on “It’s so hot the birds are wilted…….

  1. I love the bird bath.


    1. i promise it will look better when it is right side up! lol


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