maybe a nap would help???

There are days when, like that cartoon Ostrich, I wish to just bury my head in the sand and ignore everything going on around me. Today is one of them.

The news has been full of the Cheeto-in-chief twittering away at all and sundry that his son is just an innocent boy and all news is still fake………..he’s consumed with the “witch hunt” being perpetrated against him. His son has given enough hard evidence to bring down the entire unholy mess of them if the Republicans will somehow find their manhood (or womanhood) and just USE it to get rid of this horror of a president.

I am not holding my breath though.

I can not find a channel on the television or radio with anything besides talking heads babbling away about the “drama in the White House”.  Has anyone else noticed that an iceberg the size of Deleware has broken away from Antarctica??? Does anyone care that we have such a ginormous example of climate change floating off into the Pacific Ocean? Our idiot-in-chief left his Barbie-doll daughter in charge at the climate talks where the world was appalled at her lack of understanding of basic protocol.  The idiot meanwhile was off for yet another behind closed doors meeting with his advisor….ummmmm, wait. That was President Putin in the meeting, sorry. I should have said “handler”.

I hold little hope that this buffoon of a leader will be impeached. If I were a praying person, I would be down on my knees begging for his impeachment. I look back at the Nixon and Watergate mess and think “Nixon was an innocent lamb compared to Trump”. I suppose our jackass-in-chief was absolutely correct when he said “I could stand on any street and shoot someone and get away with it”….he’s quite busily assassinating the people of the country with his policies….and happy about it.


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  1. Suze, everything you say is absolutely true and it makes my head spin.


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