Damned i-phones!

It only took me four hours, but I figured out how to turn on my new cell phone. Oh, I HAD an instruction manual that came with the blasted thing, yet the instructions….well, let us just say they were not written by Neurons or Protons..not even Electrons had anything to do with the instructions! (MORONS!!!)

There are a thousand and one “apps” on the danged thing.  I ONLY need to be able to call someone else’s phone and receive calls……….but will it let me remove all these danged things from the phone? NO, IT WON”T!

I haven’t a clue why, but it seems that the new phones have a conjoined text and data plan.  Now, I know “data” has to do with the interweb stuff, but this phone is so small and hard to read that I wouldn’t under any circumstances use the web on it.

I can’t imagine any circumstance where I would use some of the applications…..I can’t even see what they are so I can identify the dumb things…much less use them intelligently.

I would though like to receive text messages..the hubby has forgotten how to speak on a phone and texts everyone.

But my provider doesn’t do that…the rep actually said “we can tailor this product for your personal needs”…then said “oh we don’t do that” when I asked for text and calls only…..everything has to be so overwhelming or it wouldn’t be any fun, I suppose.

I tried checking into other carriers for their plans and the language is so specific that I can not understand it.  What ever happened to simple explanations?

What do you use your phone for?????

7 thoughts on “Damned i-phones!

  1. Aha, someone after my own heart. My cell phone makes phone calls & texts. It’s a flip phone that cost me $29.99 with no contract service that costs me $15/month. I simply do not need to be continually connected to the world….actually don’t want to.


  2. Mostly I just call and text my daughters, and they do the same when they want to contact me. Otherwise, I use the camera for taking all kinds of photos for those challenges on WP, and it’s easy to upload them. That’s the best part…the camera! 😉 I have no added apps, because, like you, I have no idea what they are for, and I can’t see them good, anyway. I use the emojis in a text, though…and as you probably read on my post, I got the wrong flag! haha! 😉


    1. hopw do you get the pictures to leave the phone and go to your computer? Mine just stares at me when I ask to do that.


  3. I have a Samsung. Everyone here texts, hardly ever receive calls. So it’s a necessity. I was thinking of getting a refurbished iPhone, but you’re making me think twice. I have the service, straight talk through Wal-Mart and am happy with it. Good luck.


    1. stick with straight talk! I wish I had!!!!


  4. I do a lot with my phone. Call and text, check email, take pictures, read blogs and sometimes comment but commenting is difficult because the keyboard is small. I use the dictionary, and play card games, check to see where the bus is and how long it will take to get to me, get directions, check my calendar and the weather forecast, use it as my alarm clock, have lists like to-do’s and groceries, and notes. Once I got a smart phone I got hooked. I do turn it off when I am with other people in social settings. I think it’s rude to be on the phone when visiting or in public places. Wonder if I could go back to a phone like Larry’s?


    1. if I could FIND a phone like Larry’s I would be perfectly content!


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