yard sales and malcontents

I’ve spent the last three days over at my friend Angie’s house, assisting with a yard sale that I thought would NEVER end and trying to learn how to use my I-Phone.

Don’t get me wrong, the yard sale was MY idea, and we did great, BUT……..it was an average of 100 degrees F each day……….an AVERAGE.

Each morning we dragged out the four tables, assorted small pieces of furniture, appliances, and all the chachkes one imagines go in a yard sale. George threw an old pair of heavy hiking shoes and a couple of scrubs into the “stuff” category. We had a TON of junk to sell as well…………and we actually sold all kinds of things that I thought would never in a bazillion years be sold…like George’s boots.  Like an old lawn mower that didn’t work..a weed wacker that also didn’t work.

NONE of the “good” stuff sold at all. If it was junk and ready for the trash someone would buy it.   I am still flabbergasted by the whole thing.

Then there was the “absolute JOY” (please note the correct use of sarcasm here) of learning how to use an I-Phone.  I think that there are certain things that should never be attempted by a senior citizen…jumping out of airplanes without a parachute…roller blading down a six lane highway……training wild animals that can eat you……some things just should not be done. EVER. They cause too much stress and frustration. They can physically harm you.  They can make you lose your mind with frustration.

Learning how to use an I-Phone is right up there with the things I mentioned.


You push and “swipe” to open one thing, yet another is opened by simply touching it. You close certain “apps” by touch and others by tapping,…or sliding! What sort of cretinous malcontent created these things?

You try to take a picture of a cute squirrel laughing at you from that big old Oak tree and instead the phone flashes brilliant and blinding lights in your eyes…thereby making you trip over a dust ball and fall down the front steps!

Then it takes a picture of you while you are ranting, raving and having an extreme hissy fit over the perfidy of the phone!

Just savor that image for a while………… and then think twice before making a purchase of new technology.  If you MUST get the latest gadget just make sure YOU are smarter than IT is…that should save you from looking like that!

2 thoughts on “yard sales and malcontents

  1. One man’s or woman’s trash is someone else’s treasure. Now, how much for those chachkes?


    1. lol..for you? 10 bucks takes it all………


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