Mr. Daily Prompter? Why are you annoying me???

I wonder why it is that the daily prompter simply MUST annoy me on a weekly basis???? You’d think there would be nothing about the word “edible” that would send me off into a rant, yet here it comes.

I have incipient diabetes mellitus. At this point in time, I am making an effort to control it so that my kidneys, liver and pancreas don’t all go on strike at the same time.  And the “control” is thru medication and a DIET. 

I am NOT a fan of diets.  They are supposed to assist one in losing weight and they are so dratted impossible to stick to.  I have tried (probably….I could be lying) at least a thousand different ones in that ridiculous quest for a svelte body.  They NEVER work.

Instead you get used to eating nothing but wallpaper paste and grapefruit and eventually need dental work due to the lack of nutrients you are consuming.


I have been on the Atkin’s plan (they didn’t want to call it a diet), the grapefruit diet, the Ketogenic diet, Dr. Oz’s diet (this one sucked worse than any other I have tried!!!), Oprah’s diet, the “1200 calorie” diet, the “stone soup” diet,  the all-meat” diet (yes, one can get sick of steak), a vegetarian diet, a vegan diet……….heck, you name it and I have probably tried it!

The only thing I haven’t tried is a diet composed of things I am allergic to, but it is probably in the near future!

I counted calories..I counted fat…I added this and took away that……..until I thought I would pretty much lose my mind!

I tried to follow the latest food charts in a quest for more healthy eating.  Then a year later the food charts changed.

NOW…….I have to think about carbs!  CARBS!  Think that’s just bread, rice and pasta? try again..Those suckers are in damned near everything ever thought of as food! 

Hell, if it tastes like food it has carbs.

Now, I HATE thinking about food all the danged time. There are so many other (interesting) things to think about.  BUT, I have to keep my blood sugar under a certain number and my A1C under a certain number and I am wishing someone (ANYONE) would just create a meal plan that

  1. has FLAVOR
  2. is easy to follow
  3. does NOT include the wallpaper paste!
  4. and finally…stuff my husband will also eat!!!

But until they do, I am stuck having to count those blasted carbs every day. So, if I am a bit annoyed with Mr Daily Prompter, at least now you have an idea of WHY!


2 thoughts on “Mr. Daily Prompter? Why are you annoying me???

  1. I’ve been on all those too, the worst being the Weight Loss Clinic diet that was 300calories a day and strict food to eat. Let’s just say tuna and chicken with lemon and cucumbers summed it up!I am lucky not to have the motivation or health problems I used to have ghost require restricting anything at present. I say present, because old Murphy is always around the corner, just waiting to hear that. Good luck, how’s the smoking coming?


    1. i am not doing so well in the smoking department..back up to half a pack a day dang it all! But, tomorrow is another day and I refuse to go shopping for another pack…..fingers crossed and prayers for me please? sigh


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