Funereal vegetables……

It was suggested by a bloggery buddy that I just have a funeral for my poor tomato plant and stop complaining it has only given me 27 tomatoes……….she made a few suggestions for the soil composition, vitamins, annoying plants crowding out the tomatoes.

Now, at first, I simply snorted and chuckled at her suggestion…….then I started thinking about it. Now, everyone already knows that when I start thinking that is the time to begin worrying.

I started to imagine what exactly a tomato funeral would look like.

Would there be mourners? Who would they be?

Small veg?  Sad veg?

Would they be simply stunned into immobility by the graciousness of ME planning a funeral for their buddies?

Would they be horrified that they might be next in line???????


Small furry animals that droop into depression because they won’t get the pleasure of eating my veg?

As I was snorting with laughter George wandered into the room and asked what I was laughing at.

I said “a tomato funeral”.

George replied “I worry about you, Suze!”

8 thoughts on “Funereal vegetables……

  1. That’s some funny stuff, Suze. You get today’s “thumbs up”. By the way, my farmer background tells me that 27 tomatoes off one plant is pretty good. Love the pics.


  2. Is that our reporter eggplant?? LOL

    Great post, Madame Suze!! People don’t talk about Veggie funerals enough…

    I hope you’re having a great week! xx


    1. why, yes….yes he is! I had to get a picture of him at the farmer’s market…he was so cute!


  3. So funny! I love the sad potato! 🙂


    1. Isn’t it great? That was in a bag of potatoes I bought and i couldn’t resist washing his face and taking pics! lol


  4. Never have so many sad faces provoked such giggles. You are a wonderful nut, Suze!


  5. I think the tomato plant would be happy just to go to the compost pile without a fuss. But then I have never had a tomato plant so maybe I don’t know what I am talking about.


    1. no composting…have to give it a Viking funeral…burn the tomatoes……


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