Who ever would have thought????

This I-phone is annoying beyond belief!

All I wanted was a replacement for the flip phone I used for almost 15 years, but the company I use didn’t have any (they said they were obsolete!…how ironic, right?)

So, I got the cheapest and let offensive I-Phone they provide and have spent the last three days attempting to learn how to use it.

Now, I am smart.  Actually, I am smarter than average (Mensa, ya know), yet I have been amazingly dense when it comes to technology. This morning though has been less disastrous than the past two.

I finally (yes finally) figured out how to use the text feature!  And there are little tiny icons (emojis???) that I have to choose from when texting to just annoy the heck out of my friends.


There’s even a little tiny Marvin the Martian…….

Who knew a phone could be even more annoying?  Mine has begun sending all my emails to itself somehow and each and every time an email arrives the phone makes this “happy ding” sound that is driving me insane!

I receive a LOT of email……..and the phone is almost non-stop ding-da-dinging at me!  I KNOW there is a way to make this thing stop, but Lord only knows where the button is hiding that makes it desist. I think I may need to rent a ten-year-old for a day or so to shut off all the noise-makers on this thing.  After all, I figure every third grader in the country has an iPhone so they MUST be able to fix it.


4 thoughts on “Who ever would have thought????

  1. When my flip phone becomes obsolete, I will return to smoke signals. I know I can learn smart phones; don’t like ’em, don’t want ’em. I’m a dinosaur and proud of it.


    1. i don’t regret having it…I just regret my dog making the purchase of one a necessity! At least Gunnar hasn’t a clue what it is…and he has a new toy. My old flip phone now travels with him. I DID take out the battery!


  2. Will that phone be selling in the next garage sale? If so, I would be happy to go as high as 8 bucks for it. Really want to avoid getting into a bidding war for it. Can’t go higher since I have to save some money for whatever chachkes you put out.


    1. now John……I just got the blasted thing and paid 40 whole bucks for it! Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to wrangle forty full grown and ornery deer into a store? yea well, I think i shall be hanging on to it even thought I can not stand the thing.


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